Low Risk & High Risk Casino Offers

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The majority of matched bettors start out by completing new customer offers at bookmakers. These can be extremely profitable and can not only help you understand the potential of matched betting but also allow you to build up a large bank to complete more offers at once, thus increasing your profits. Some people give up after this stage as they …

tennis retirement rules

Tennis Retirement Rules

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Major tennis tournaments take place all year round and just like with other sports, this inspires the bookies to run a number of profitable offers. Even if you know nothing about tennis, taking advantage of the various offers available can be very profitable providing you play them correctly. Matched betting a tennis match initially seems very simple. You can simply back …

extra place offers

Extra Place Offers – How to profit from them

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Extra place offers are something you will see listed on the majority of matched betting sites. Many users don’t pay much attention to them but they can be profitable and so should be part of every matched bettors offer portfolio. By using a simple strategy and an Each Way Calculator, it’s possible to extract value from these offers and give …

lay to lose guarantee matched betting

Profit from gubbed accounts with the Lay To Lose guarantee

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We all know how profitable matched betting can be and many of us are making a considerable income from bookmaker free bets, bonuses and promotions. Unfortunately, there comes a time for some of us when we receive a dreaded email such as the one below which I received back in March from Bet365.     The example above is a …

understanding value

Beating The Bookies By Understanding Value In Bets

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Whether you’re a punter or a matched bettor, we’re all trying to beat the bookies in order to make a profit. However, as matched bettors, we need to understand value and how value in bets determines the profit we will make over time. The average punter will be down overall when betting with a bookmaker. They may get lucky and …

how to lay accumulators

How to Lay Accumulators

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The concept of matched betting is pretty simple. You back and lay a selection to cover all outcomes and should return a profit whatever the result is. Things get a little trickier when it comes to accumulators as they consist of multiple bets all bundled together into one and so a bit of thought has to go into how to …

how to profit from build you own bet offers

How to Profit from ‘Build Your Own Bet’ Offers

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Building your own bets is a bet type which bookmakers introduced with the aim of allowing customers to have more choice when placing bets. They appeal to punters as they can compile bets containing a number of individual predictions and bundle them all into one bet, usually with very large odds. Punters can choose from a number of diverse markets …

bookmaker casino complaints

Bookmaker & Casino Complaints – What to do

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As matched bettors, many of us place multiple bets a day across various bookmakers and casinos as well as betting exchanges with the vast majority of these bets being placed and settled without any issues. However, on occasion, problems do unfortunately arise and it can be daunting, unnerving and confusing for an individual on how to resolve disputes against operators. …

10 steps to maximising your betting potential

10 Steps To Maximising Your Betting Potential

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Whether you’re new to matched betting or have been doing it for years, these 10 steps to maximising your betting potential will help you generate higher profits in the long term while keeping you focused on your goals and on the right track.   14-Day Membership For Just £1Join ProfitSquad Today   1. Adopt the right attitude When new members at …

matched betting guide for beginners

Matched Betting Guide for Beginners

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You may have heard of matched betting from friends or family or have seen advertisements and mentions across the web but what is matched betting and how can you make money from it? This article will explain everything a beginner needs to know about matched betting in order to start making money from betting offers. You’ll learn: What matched betting …