Keeping track of your profits is essential when matching betting. Matched betting profits can sometimes be quite small from individual offers but can add up to large amounts over time and when completing several offers per day or week. Tracking your profits can give you extra motivation when you view how much profit you have made over a specific period of time and can help you stay organised with your finances.

Some matched bettors use spreadsheets to track their bets and profit but this can be time-consuming and sometimes a bit messy. For this reason, Profit Squad implemented a feature which allows members to track profit with the click of a button.

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The profit tracking feature is easy to use and can save you a lot of time while keeping your bet activity and matched betting profits in order.

track profitHow to track profit

There are two ways to track your bet activity and profit with ProfitSquad. The first is from the matched betting calculator.

Track bet from the calculator – When using the matched betting calculator, you will be inputting details of your bet such as the odds, stake, event, market and exchange which will display your ideal lay stake along with the expected profit for if your bet wins at the bookmaker or the exchange. Once you have used the calculator to determine your lay stakes and have placed your bets, you can track the details of your bet by clicking on the ‘Track Bet’ button below the calculator. By doing so, all of the details of your bet will be saved in your bet history in your account.

Once you have tracked your bet and the event you bet on has finished, you can revisit your bet in your bet history and mark whether it won at the bookmaker or the exchange. By doing so, your overall matched betting profit total will update in your ProfitSquad account.

Add Single Bet – The add single bet feature allows you to add a bet to your bet history manually. This feature is especially useful should you place a bet without using the matched betting calculator. An occasion when you may do this is when mug betting.

By using the profit tracking feature on ProfitSquad, you eliminate the need for spreadsheets. This will ultimately save you time and effort and allow you to clearly and quickly view your total matched betting profits to increase motivation and organisation.

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