Everbody meet Jimi. Jimi is an annual member and has been with Profit Squad since early 2018. We got to spend a few minutes with Jimi to chat to him about matched betting and his routines.


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Hi Jimi, tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Jimi! I’m an e-Learning Designer* from Worcestershire and recently I have become a part-time student (thanks to the extra income of ProfitSquad!)

*I’m sorry for all the terrible e-Learning you had to do in your job, some of it may have been my fault.


How long have you been matched betting?

Just over 9 months!

My first bet was on 11th April 2018 on an Argentine League 2 game between Quilmes vs. Deportivo Morón (Rookie Mistake #1).


What originally made you join ProfitSquad and how did you hear about us?

I’ve known of matched betting for some time (way back in uni around 2013-14) but never really explored it until a friend started in November 2017 and started to make a fair bit from it. He then recommended ProfitSquad and it all started from there.


How has your experience been so far?

It’s been great, it’s like a part-time job I can put in as much or as little time in as I want. All the mods and other subscribers of ProfitSquad all chip in to provide help and motivation, it’s a great community.


How much profit do you make roughly each month from matched betting?

Discounting my first 3 months (learning the ropes and building a bank) I’m currently averaging just over £1,000 p/m for the past 6 months.


Do you know what your total matched betting profits are?



What do you spend your matched betting profits on?

I’ve tried not to spend too much of my matched betting bank so that I can complete more offers and not be stuck waiting for withdrawals.

But a few things I have spent it on:


How much time per week do you spend matched betting and how do you fit it into your current lifestyle with work/family etc?

It varies a lot, I’d imagine an average week would be anywhere between 10-15 (with a good chunk of them being on a Saturday when there are more offers to do than time available.)


What are the main offers which you focus on, on a weekly basis or when they’re available?

I tend to stick to the regular sports guaranteed profit offers Bet X get X etc, but also go for the Bet365 4/1 on Saturdays too.


Roughly how much of your time is spent between casino and sports offers?

95% of my time is spent on sports.


Roughly, what percentage of your profit is generated between casino and sports offers?

15% of my lifetime profit is from casino, while the rest is from Sports.


How has ProfitSquad helped you in your matched betting journey?

Well, it’s taken me from simply knowing about it as a concept to being competent in a number of profitable strategies. I wouldn’t say I’m as skilled or as knowledgeable as some but I could definitely help out newbies and pass on what I’ve learned.


What do you like most about ProfitSquad?

The level of knowledge in the team is great as well as their responsiveness. The discord is also really great as it gives us a platform as members to chat about offers and strategies as well as the bots that can give us a quick glance at potential money making opportunities.


What tips would you give to someone who is considering starting matched betting?

Take it slow and don’t touch any of your profit for a long time. It is so much easier to make money from the matched betting strategies when you have a bank to play with. A few friends started matched betting but soon dipped out and missed out on a great earner because they weren’t patient enough.


What are your goals for 2019?

I’m going to move onto some of the advanced casino offers as my bank is fairly reasonable at this stage and hopefully hit some profit milestones along the way (I’m just shy of 10k at the minute so that should be fairly soon, but maybe I can hit 20k before July).


Anything else you’d like to add that you think may be beneficial to readers?

Read the guides thoroughly before you start up and learn as much as you can from everyone on the forums and discord.


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