8 Reasons Why Live In-Play Sports Betting is the Best Way to Bet On Sports

Sports betting is on the rise. The popularity of the field is due to a combination of factors, but one of the key reasons that the pastime is enjoyed more now is the level of technology available when it comes to the services offered by the best apps as well as the accessibility of the market as a whole.

In terms of the types of sports betting available, it’s most definitely becoming a vital part of the overall market, but why?

Eight Reasons Why In-Play Betting Is So Popular

Change In Our Behaviour

If you were told twenty years ago that you could bet on an event whilst it was going on and could do so with the confidence that it would work, then you’d probably think such a possibility was absurd. 

Now many of us can’t get enough of the activity. To be able to bet on a game, in whatever sport, as and when it’s happening is an outstanding technological achievement that goes hand in hand with how we view the games. Be that in person, via TV or on a mobile device.


Being able to bet in-play works best when you are signed up with one of the best sports bookmakers around. These will be the brands that have the smoothest interfaces that work super-fast so that when you place a bet just before Rafael Nadal is about to open a service game, it gets completed before he pounds an ace down the centre of the court.

You Can Win in a Split Second

As well as being able to place bets quickly, you can also win them in a split second. This means you can make a winning bet instantly and then look to use the profits to either make another wager or to cash out.

It is essential to realise this is a two-way street. In other words, you can also lose money very fast indeed, and you should never bet outside your means. Never bet what you can’t afford to lose, and if you are not enjoying the experience, then you should take a break.

Makes the Event More Exciting

Sometimes you want to add an additional reason to have an interest in a game; this is particularly true when it comes to major tournaments and leagues. For instance, the upcoming World Cup is going to be a massive event for football fans but let’s be honest; there are some games that aren’t going to exactly enthral you. 

So with this in mind, making an intelligent wager on a game makes watching such games far more exciting and doing so live in-play is an additional bonus that accentuates the importance of the match. This works particularly well if you’ve done your research into the match in question and therefore boosted the chances of your in-play bet being a successful one.

Great for Second Screen Fans

In 2022 we are used to doing two things at once. We often watch something on our TVs while also perusing our mobiles; betting live in-play takes maximum advantage of this and offers you the chance to do many things at once seamlessly. 

So those who are in tune with their second screen instincts, watching the game on the big screen while keeping an eye on the ever-changing live odds is a great way to make sure you are on top of the possible big wins you can secure.

So Simple

The best apps that offer live in-play services are the ones that make betting as easy as possible. These are the services that streamline their service so that you can be quick with your bet placement. The services that are able to offer you the latest odds that reflect precisely what is happening in the game offer a simple and effective way to place the wagers precisely as and when you want to.


Being able to get on a game, wherever you are and whenever you want, is a real game-changer. Maybe you are actually at the match, bout or game you are betting on and therefore are keen on backing your team or chosen player; well, there is no barrier to doing so. You might be on the train back from work, chilling in a park or taking the kids on the school run; the accessibility offered by the latest apps makes live in-play betting possible anywhere. 

Live Streaming

Some brands have worked out just how much of a pull their live in-play services have and therefore elected to offer live streaming services to combine the two activities. This is great as it means you are a step closer to even more incredible live sporting action, and this merely increases the possibilities. 

Some bookmakers deliberately buy up the broadcast rights to very obscure sporting events so that they have an even broader betting market to offer their users.