High Roller Casinos


At Profit Squad, we know that big-spending players want to lavish their time and money at a high-roller casino because they are fun – and offer a massive win potential. 

This is why we perform extensive research to find the best high roller sites around – because we want players all over the UK to be confident that they are playing at only the very best and safest platforms.

What is a high roller casino?

High-roller casino sites are those which offer players who spend a lot of money extra perks and incentives. If a player deposits a lot of cash, they would expect to receive a high roller casino bonus or two as a sign of appreciation. 

The best high-roller casinos available to players in the UK will offer more bonuses and offers to players who spend more compared to those who spend less money playing on the site. This is because every casino knows the value of retaining such players. 

Players that fall into this category are willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds every month. As a result, they help the casinos to keep running and are often their bread and butter. 

Keeping them happy is vital. So offering bigger and better promotions ensures that they keep coming back for more. 

The difference between a high roller casino bonus and a VIP bonus

Whether players want to enjoy high roller sports betting or casino betting, the casino will reward players with the bonuses that suit them.

Sometimes these rewards come in the form of high-roller bonuses and other times they come as VIP bonuses – but what is the difference?

High Roller Casino Bonus

VIP Bonus

High roller casino bonuses are only offered to players who deposit sizable sums of money into their accounts. 

All players may be offered this type of bonus once they have deposited a certain amount of money into their accounts. They may also be offered a VIP bonus if their accounts have been active for more than a year, for example. 

There may be multiple bonuses available to all high rollers every week. 

VIP bonuses can be offered to loyal players. They tend to be offered from time to time rather than on a weekly basis.

High rollers may also be offered the occasional high roller casino bonus code which could entitle them to additional perks. These can include stays at specific casino locations, account managers, and better odds. 

VIP bonuses very rarely offer perks such as bonus codes. However, some players might be offered an account manager. 

There are some clear differences between the two types of bonuses. Players should note that every casino will offer its own unique range of bonuses and promotions to both types of players. 

How to stay safe online when using a high roller casino

Staying safe while you play is imperative to any player. However, when a player wants to spend big money playing high roller casino gamesthey need to take extra steps to stay safe. Here are some of the ways to make sure you and your money remain safe and secure.

Check a casino’s licence

One of the first things that players need to do is to check if the casino in question has a suitable licence. This is something that all players should do before they create an account. Details of the licence can typically be found towards the bottom of the casino’s main page. If the site is legitimate, it will show who has licensed the casino and what the licence number is. 


Legitimate high-roller casinos in the UK will be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). There may also be additional licences such as The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). These show that the casino is operating safely and legitimately

Only bet what you can afford to lose

Players should only ever be prepared to bet what they can afford to lose. It might be tempting to bet a lot of money so you can receive high-roller casino bonuses, but if you don’t have enough money to support losses, then this is not advisable. No one is guaranteed to win. 

Please don’t make the mistake of gambling more than you can afford to lose. Stay safe and within your spending limits. When you do, you’re much more likely to have fun. 

If you do find you have bet more than you intended, help should be available from websites through their ‘responsible gaming’ tabs.

Trust your instincts

One of the best things that you can do is to trust your instincts. If an online casino does not seem quite right, then you should avoid it. If the bonuses are too good to be true, they usually are. Alternatively, the odds of winning might seem too low, so use your knowledge of the games you play. 

If there are any doubts whatsoever, players should go with their instincts and look for another, safer online casino instead. 

The most popular high roller casino bonuses

The most popular high stakes casino games offer a great selection of bonuses. Those that are available at a high-roller casino are even bigger. 


Some of the most popular high roller casino bonuses and perks available include: 

High withdrawal limits

Many online casinos have withdrawal limits that sit around £2,000 a day. High rollers can have a much higher withdrawal limit because if they play big, they are more likely to win big. They may be able to withdraw as much as £20,000 a day or more. The overall monthly withdrawal limit will also usually be higher than it is for other players as well. 

A dedicated manager

High rollers are usually offered a dedicated account manager. This will be someone who can help them make the most of the offers and promotions and ensure that they get more personalised promotions based on their playing habits. 

Dedicated managers help high-rolling players make the most of the games that they play and ensure a hassle-free experience. 


Those who spend a lot of money at any online casino are usually offered gifts. It’s an online casino’s way of thanking the players for spending a lot of money. The gifts can include birthday presents and invitations to in-person events. Players may also be given better, enhanced odds every time they play a game. 

Faster withdrawals

High rollers may be offered something that every player wants: faster withdrawals. Irrespective of which withdrawal method they use, high-roller transactions are often put to the front of the queue. This means they may only have to wait 24 hours rather than 72 hours to receive their winnings. 

High Stake games

Games such as high stakes roulette may only be offered to high rollers. These types of games have higher minimum bets but much larger jackpots. 

The best high roller casinos

If you want to find the best high roller casino out there, then there are plenty to choose from and it might take a long time to go through them all. Don’t worry, the table below shows the very best casinos that welcome high rollers:


Online Casino

Welcome Offer

Bet Victor Casino

Wager £10 and receive £30 plus 100 free spins

Ladbrokes Casino

£50 welcome bonus

Duelz Casino

£100 plus 100 free spins

The Grand Ivy Casino

100% deposit match of up to £300 plus 25 bonus spins

Mr Q Casino

Deposit £10 and receive 20 spins

Dream Vegas Casino

100% deposit match of up to £300 plus 150 bonus spins 

Casimba Casino

100% deposit match of up to £200 plus 50 bonus spins

Please note, the welcome bonuses listed above were correct at the time of writing but can change at any time. As such, players should visit the sites to see what the latest welcome bonuses are. 

How to find a good high roller casino

Finding a good high-roller casino is easier than you think. However, the first thing players should do is read our unbiased high roller casino reviews. These will show players the strengths and weaknesses of the site and the generosity of the high-roller bonuses. 

Players should also look out for details of any no-deposit bonus the casino may have. Finally, a good high-roller casino will offer an excellent range of games – and lots with high maximum bets and big maximum wins. 


Again, reading reviews about our top casinos can help with all this. You should be able to make an informed decision and choose the best site for you.


A high roller is a player who spends hundreds or even thousands of pounds at an online casino every month. These gamblers consistently spend a lot of time and money and will receive extra perks and bonuses for doing so.

The best high-roller casino sites in the UK can be found listed in the table above. All of these platforms have been designed to cater to the needs of high-spending players.

There are many perks and bonuses available for high rollers. These can include a personal account manager, faster withdrawals, high withdrawal limits, and even expensive gifts and invitations. Some sites may also have casino slots and other games exclusive to top-spending players.

Yes. Most high-roller casinos offer a dedicated app or mobile-optimised site for those who want to play on the go.