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Started 5 weeks ago. Just having a free holiday thanks to matched betting... In my first 5 weeks I made £1100. I came here from another site doing a similar thing as you guys but I do prefer it here. I feel it's a more personal service
Matthew G.
We have paid off our debt from our wedding, my husband has just completed his driving lessons and is taking his test in the next few weeks and I was even able to spoil him with a new PS4 and some games for his birthday this month as well as a weekend in London. A few unexpected things have been thrown our way lately that have been stressful and cost money. I honestly don't know how I would have stayed afloat without this income stream.
I've been Matched Betting for a little over a year or so. I'm fairly new to Profit Squad though, having used other (more expensive) sites and I have to say this is the friendly best value for money one that I've come across.
Kenny P

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