Best Online Casinos For Playing Craps in 2022

Many people love to play craps online. This game can be found in almost every online casino in the world. Craps is a game of skill and of luck. With relatively simple rules and a few strategies for players to use, this game is here to stay. 

Anyone who wishes to play craps online knows that when they do, they’re likely to have a lot of fun. However, it’s not always clear which online casinos are the best ones to visit. This article, however, makes it clear which online casinos are well worth visiting. 

Craps online sites in the UK

Best UK Casinos

The best casinos for playing online craps offer players a wide selection of games. Each of these games can be played via a desktop site or a mobile casino app. This makes playing craps even more convenient. Players can enjoy this game whenever they please. 

The best UK casinos for playing craps also provide excellent craps bonuses, and much more. It’s no wonder then, that more and more people are signing up for an account. The best casinos to offer craps in 2022 are as follows:

Top 10 Casinos

Casino Welcome Bonus Review Extra Features
100% Deposit Bonus Up To £100.
More than 1,300 games
Play £10, Receive 30 Extra Spins
Daily Free Games
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Up To £100 and 50 Extra Spins
Online Casino Of the Year Award 2022
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100% Bonus Up To £250
Fast Payout Time
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100% Bonus Up to £50 and 50 Bonus Spins
Daily Prize Drops
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50% Bonus Up to £100 and 25 Extra Spins
Fast Payout Time
Deposit £10 Get £50
2,000 Games
50 Bonus Spins
Daily Jackpot
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50 Bingo tickets
Fast Payout Time
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20 Bonus Spins
1,200+ Games
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The above bookmakers are some of the best new online betting sites around. Please note that the bonuses and extras were correct at the time of writing (May 2022). They are subject to change at any time and at the site’s discretion. Please visit the betting site in question for more up-to-date information. 

Each of the above bookmakers has worked hard to make sure that they offer the very best to all players. All of these websites are still quite new. However, it’s clear that they know what it takes to attract new players and keep them happy. Players should seriously consider visiting some if not all of the above online bookmakers. 

Our favourite online craps casino

Found at the top of our Top 10 Casinos list is 888casino. This online casino has been operating for many years. Established in 1997 by 888 Holding PLC, the site’s parent company, this online casino seems to offer it all. Not only does it look good, but it also offers some great games. 

Players will find that they can play many different craps games online and they can play safely. This is thanks to the fact that 888casino is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Players can log in to their accounts, knowing that their data and money are protected. 

Offering players the chance to choose from a variety of games, 888casino could be the ideal online casino for craps lovers. Players should seriously consider signing up for an account as this casino really does seem to have it all. 

What we review

Here at Profit Squad, we take a lot of time reviewing a wide range of online casinos. We want to make sure that players only ever sign up to the most trusted and safest online casinos. We do what we do because we know that online casinos that don’t have a licence can be dangerous. Ideally, all players will find their way to a safe online casino that has much to offer. They will have a wide selection of games, good banking options, and excellent customer support. 

We also take a look at each online casino’s:

Security and Reputation

Ideally, all UK online casinos will be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This is an authority that makes sure the casino is safe for players to visit. Additionally, the Gambling Commission ensures that casinos are fairly run. In other words, the casino gives players a good chance of winning every game. 

If this was not enough, a good level of security means that player’s data and money is safe. This is thanks to the casino’s use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This security method works to scramble a player’s data so hackers do not have access to it. 

  • Reputation 

As far as reputation is concerned, the online casino we’re reviewing should also have a lot of good reviews. While there will always be a few negative reviews, most should be good. Players should enjoy spending time at the online casino and feel welcome whenever they log in. If there have been issues with the online casino in question, it should be clear that customer services have helped. 

Selection of Craps Games

Players who want to learn how to play online craps, and experienced players should find a good selection of craps. The more games there are available, the happier players are likely to be. 

Players who have more varieties of craps to play are more likely to be entertained. They can have more fun at online casinos that offer more craps games than those who don’t. This is great for the online casino as it means players are more likely to stick around. 

There is always a chance that more craps games will be added to the online casino in question. After all, it is in the online casino’s interest to keep players happy. 

Live Dealer Tables

Live dealer craps can be so much more exciting than digital games of craps. Live dealer craps games will be open to every player. The dealer will throw the dice after the bets have been placed. They may also update players with the progress of the game. 

Live dealer craps is incredibly exciting, and it can make the player feel as if they’re in a real casino. Here at Profit Squad, we know how much players love to partake in live dealer games. This is why we consider casinos that offer live dealer games to be some of the best. 

Bonuses and Promotions

All online casinos offer players a range of bonuses and promotions. They exist to entice players to the casino and keep them there. Bonuses and promotional offers are a great way for players to win more cash or other prizes without wagering too much. 

Online casinos that don’t have many bonuses and promotions should be avoided. They have not put in the work to keep players happy. An online casino that has more than a few bonuses and promotions has its player’s interests at heart. 

Some of the bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos include: Welcome Bonuses, free bets, free cash, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spins. The more, the merrier, as far as we’re concerned. 

Some online casinos offer seasonal bonuses and promotions. Other online casinos offer players a wide selection throughout the year.  

Payment methods

Every legitimate online casino needs to offer players a wide range of payment methods. They are what help online casinos to stand out. An online casino that does not offer many payment methods can be quite frustrating. Players who are limited to a few payment and withdrawal options are unlikely to have their needs met. Ideally, there will be at least 5 different payment methods. Additionally, players should be able to deposit cash and see it in their accounts instantly. There is no reason why there should be any delay. 

  • Withdrawing funds 

When it comes to withdrawing funds, players should not be expected to wait long for them. Every online casino has a security clearance process to get through. This process involves those working behind the scenes ensuring that the winnings are going to the rightful owner. As soon as the security clearance has taken place, the money should be sent to the player’s accounts. 

It can take up to 9 working days for some players to receive their money. This length of time includes the security clearance period. Any longer than 9 working days, and players will be unhappy. There is no reason why it should take so long for funds to reach a player’s account. 


  • Payout times

The best online casinos offer players a relatively quick payout. Some ensure players have access to their money within 5 working days. This is impressive, and it’s something we like to see. 

Software Providers

We like to take a look at the range of software providers that every online craps casino works with. We do this as we’re aware that the best software providers supply some excellent games. The more software providers that an online casino works with, the more games they offer. This is why we are impressed with online casinos that work with many software providers. 

Some software providers such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and Playtech Gaming have an excellent reputation. They know how to create games that players love. The games tend to include great graphics and excellent audio quality. 

Support and FAQ

Ideally, all online casinos that offer craps will come with great customer support. The level of support that is offered to every player should be good no matter what game they are playing. 

Players should have at least 2 contact options to use. They should be able to reach out by either live chat or email. These methods ensure that players receive a timely response to their queries. It would also be ideal if players had another contact option such as a telephone helpline or an email form. When the customer support team looks like they’re happy to respond, players are happier. 

  • The FAQ section 

Another crucial aspect of an online casino is the FAQ section. When a player has a query, they should be able to find the answers to their queries. Should a player not wish to reach out to customer services, an FAQ section should have all of the answers. This section also ensures that players don’t have to wait for a response from the customer service team. 

Advantages of online vs brick-and-mortar craps casinos

There are many advantages of visiting online casinos compared to brick-and-mortar casinos. These include:

  • There are usually some great bonuses and promotions available online. Brick-and-mortar casinos don’t tend to offer quite as many bonuses and promotions if any at all. This is because they assume that players will enjoy the wide selection of games on offer. 

  • The minimum bet amounts tend to be lower at online casinos than in their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Online casinos let players place a bet as low as £1, or even 10 pence. Brick-and-mortar casinos usually have much higher minimum bets. This is not always ideal for players who wish to reduce their spending. 

  • Online casinos usually offer players more gaming options. Brick-and-mortar casinos are limited by the number of games they can offer. This is due to the physical size of the brick-and-mortar casino. Online casinos, on the other hand, can offer as many games as they please. Some online casinos offer in excess of 2,000 games. 

  • Another benefit of online casinos is that players can play craps from wherever they please. They can be at home, on the train, at the beach, or in a park. As long as they have internet access, they can play as much or as little as they please. Brick-and-mortar casinos are unable to offer this option. 


As you can see, there are many advantages to visiting an online craps casino as opposed to a brick-and-mortar casino. It’s no wonder, then, that online craps casinos are becoming increasingly popular. 

Craps Bonuses

Online casinos offer players a range of bonuses. These bonuses help to keep players coming back for more. Some of the most popular bonuses include:

Welcome Bonus

Bonuses such as this typically involve players receiving a reward for creating an account. Welcome bonuses typically involve players depositing cash and receiving a bonus in return. This deposit bonus may consist of a player receiving 100% of their bonus and up to a specific amount. Some online craps casinos offer players as much as £100, some offer even more.

Players will only be able to spend their bonus at the online casino in question. There may also be some wagering requirements. These requirements usually involve players having to wager any winnings that come from using the deposit bonus. Players typically need to wager the winnings at least 15 times.

New casino games fresh out of the box

No Deposit Bonus

Some online casinos offer a no deposit bonus. A bonus such as this only requires players to sign up to the online casino in question. Players may receive up to £100, for example, and they may have to wager their winnings before they can be withdrawn

Free cash

This type of bonus typically works in the same way as a no deposit bonus. However, free cash can be offered to all players, as opposed to only new ones.

Free bets

A free bet works in relatively the same way as free cash does. However, players may only be able to bet on specific games. Should a player be fortunate enough to win their free bet, they may have to wager their winnings before they can be withdrawn.

How to play free craps games

Can you play craps online for real money? Yes, you can, but you can also play free craps online. Players can choose their preferred online casino and select a game of craps. 

As free craps games don’t require players to deposit any cash, there’s no risk to players. However, there is also no chance of players winning any money. This does not mean that playing free craps online is not worth playing. However, playing free craps for online practice can be worth it. The more practice a player gets, the better they could become. 

Players can pick up skills and tactics each time they play. They can prepare themselves for playing real craps games. 

Players should be aware that many free craps games come with disadvantages. Some games do not have quite as many levels or features as the games you have to pay to play. Unfortunately, this means that players won’t always be able to work on their skills.

How to play craps

Craps is a dice game that takes place around a table. Every player rolls a dice when it’s their turn. Players need to place a bet on the outcome of the roll of the dice. The player who rolls the dice is known as “The shooter”. A player’s first roll of the dice is known as a “Come-out roll”. 

  • Any 7: This type of bet is relatively straightforward. The bet depends on the dice showing a combination of 7. 

  • Big 6 and 8: Players need to decide whether a 6 or 8 will be rolled before a 7 is rolled. 

  • Craps: This is a type of bet that involves a player rolling a 2, 3, or 12. 

  • Don’t pass: Also known as “Don’t come”, this type of bet is the opposite of a pass line bet. If players roll a 2 or 3 with a 7 or 11 losing, the player will win. 

  • Field bets: This type of bet involves a player choosing what the next roll of the dice will be. These numbers include 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. If a player rolls a 5, 6, 7, or 8, the bet will be lost. 

  • Hard bets: A hard bet involves players betting that the 2 numbers rolled will be the same. If a player rolls a 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10, they will win. However, if they roll a 7 or a 6-2 or 5-3, they will lose the bet. 

  • Lay bets: A lay bet involves players betting that the 7 will appear before other numbers do. 

  • Laying the odds: This bet has the best odds in craps. The bet involves a player betting a 7 before a point is rolled. A laying the odds bet has no house edge. 

  • Pass line bet: This is the most common type of bet. If the bet is a come-out, the board will say. When a player rolls the dice and the result is a 7 or 11, the table wins on all pass bets. If the numbers 2, 3, or 12 come up, the bet will be lost. 

  • Place bets: These bets are comprised of a series of numbers. They include 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Players can bet on the numbers singularly, should they wish to. If these numbers appear before a 7 is rolled, the player wins. 

  • 3 or 11: Players have to roll a 3 or 11.


Craps may seem like a simple game to play, but there are many different types of bets to be placed. It’s this that helps to make this classic dice game even more exciting. 

Craps odds

Type of Bet


House Edge

Any 7



Any Craps



Craps: 2 or 12



Craps: 3 or 11



Don’t Pass



Don’t Pass Line: 4 or 10



Don’t Pass Line: 5 or 9



Don’t Pass Line: 6 or 8



Field Bet: 2 or 12



Field Bet: 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11



Hardway 4 or 10



Hardway 6 or 8






Pass Line: 4 or 10



Pass Line: 5 or 9



Pass Line: 6 or 8



Place Bet: 4 or 10



Place Bet: 5 or 9



Place Bet: 6 or 8



Players should be aware of the odds before they place a bet. When they are, they can place a more informed bet. 

Online Variations

  • Crapless craps: This type of craps does not involve a pass line. This type of game is fast-paced, but the house edge is usually more than 5%.
  • Die rich craps: Die rich craps is played using a single die. Players can win using a pass line bet by rolling a 6. However, they can lose with a 1. 
  • High point craps: This variety depends on any numbers being rolled apart from 2 or 3. The numbers 11 and 12 pay out even money. However, all other numbers are considered to be point numbers. 
  • New York craps: There is no pass line or place bets in this game. 
  • Simplified craps: Players can bet on 1 roll of the dice. 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12 wins. All of the other numbers lose. 


Players can learn to play craps online as most online casinos will guide players through the game. There are quite a few rules that players have to adhere to. However, after a while, new players will get used to the rules. 

Craps strategies

The best online craps games allow players to make use of a range of strategies. There are a variety of strategies that players can use to help them improve their game. These include:

  • Minimum and maximum bets: Players should consider placing a minimum bet so they don’t lose too much money. This is an ideal strategy for new players to use. However, pros may wish to place the occasional maximum bet. 
  • Auto/repeat bets: Some online casinos allow players to repeat their bets. Alternatively, they can also choose a select number of times that they wish to place a bet. 
  • Session timers: Setting a session timer can help players to avoid playing craps for too long. Spending too much time playing means that players are more likely to lose a lot of money. 

Craps tips

Every craps player is likely to benefit from a few tips. Below, you can find some tips that may help to make your next game of craps even better:

Choose the pass line bet: This type of bet tends to have a low house edge of around 4.76%. What this means is that players should expect to lose approximately £4.76 for every £100 that’s wagered.

Consider using the don’t pass bet: This bet also has a low house edge and can be ideal for new players to use.

Place the 6 or 8 bet, or both: Place bets are not as good as the previous types of bets. Bets such as these need to be placed in increments. Some craps games may have increments of £5 until betting has reached more than £20. The increments are then likely to be lower.

Consider using the Don’t Pass Line: 6 or 8. When you use this bet, you are effectively gambling that the number 7 will appear before the 6 or 8. This type of bet seems to be rarely used. However, 7 is the number that’s more likely to appear than any other number.

Try to avoid making bad bets: It can be hard to avoid getting caught up in the excitement of craps. Many players assume that they’re on a roll or they’ll automatically do as well as other players. However, sticking with the above tips can help you to avoid losses while ensuring you keep enjoying the game.

While there are never any guarantees that you will win a game of craps, you can make it more likely. Use the above tips the next time that you play craps as they could prove to be helpful. 

Most popular craps games

As we have already seen, there are multiple varieties of craps. However, the games that you see below are the most popular. 


  • Bank craps – Also referred to as “Craps”, this game is the most popular. While craps used to be regarded as a way for con artists to make money, casinos make sure the game is not rigged. 

  • Crapless craps – This type of craps does not involve a pass line. In addition to this, when the number 11 comes up, it is not guaranteed to be a winner. This type of game is fast-paced, but the house edge is usually more than 5%. In other words, for every £100 that a player bets, they can lose £5. 

  • High point craps – This variety of the classic depends on any numbers being rolled apart from 2 or 3. If these numbers are rolled, they will be ignored. However, if an 11 or 12 is rolled, the player will win their bet. This means that players will need to roll a high number in order to win. This may seem like an impossible task. However, it is achievable. 

  • New York craps – There is no pass line or place bets in this game. It also differs in the sense that a different table is played on. In addition to this, players can bet on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If a player’s number comes up, they win. If the number does not come up, the player loses the game.

  • Simplified craps – As the name of this game suggests, players will find that this variation on the classic game is quite simple. Players can bet on 1 roll of the dice. 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12 wins. All of the other numbers lose.

  • Die rich craps – Invented by a casino dealer, die rich craps is played using a single die. Players can win using a pass line bet by rolling a 6. However, they can lose with a 1. 

While many players who are unfamiliar with craps assume that there’s only one variety, there are many. They each have their own rules and they can add extra excitement to each game. 

Craps tournaments

Any online casino with craps on offer to players may also offer craps tournaments. Tournaments such as these can be a lot of fun to participate in. 

Should you wish to take part in this type of tournament you may need to choose between a variety of games. This is because there’s usually more than one type available. Players should also be aware that they may need to pay a fee in order to join the tournament. When every player pays a fee it means that the overall prize is bigger. It also means that the casino will lose less money. 

Whenever a player signs up for a tournament, they will need to make sure they understand how it works. Every player will be competing against at least a few other people. This means they will have to be prepared to put the work in. 

  • Considering the odds 

It’s also a good idea for players to consider the odds. They are likely to be similar to regular craps games, for the most part. However, there could always be a few differences here and there. This is why it’s worth checking out the odds before you sign on the (digital) dotted line. 

  • Playing for prizes 

The prizes that are up for grabs in every tournament tend to vary. Some tournaments will offer very high prizes, others may offer lower prizes. The higher the prize, the more players there will be involved in the tournaments. There is also likely to be a much higher risk. However, this does not deter many players from joining the tournaments. 

Playing craps on a mobile device

Many online casinos allow players the chance to visit the site via a mobile device. Some online casinos offer players a few apps, others are mobile-optimised. When a site is mobile-optimised, it means that players can access the full site via their mobile phone or tablet. This allows players to enjoy their favourite game of craps on the go. 

Most online casinos offer as many variations of craps to mobile players as those who use the desktop site. This allows players to place a bet on their favourite games as and when they please.

Online craps software providers

There are many software providers around. However, not all of them supply craps to online casinos. However, some of the most trusted online craps software providers include: Microgaming, WorldMatch, Playtech, Rival, RealTime Gaming, and Betsoft.

Each of the above providers makes sure that all of the games they offer are fun to play. They’re usually comprised of excellent graphics and sounds. In addition to this, they help to make every game even more exciting. 


Players simply need to choose from a range of bet types (As explained above) and roll the dice. If the player’s numbers come up, they have won the game. 

Most online casinos offer at least a few types of craps. Players simply need to find an online casino that offers the variety of craps that they wish to play. 

The best online craps casino will depend on what a player is looking for. One casino may offer a variety of craps games, others may offer better bonuses. It’s all subjective. 

The most popular variant is the original version of the game. While variants are quite popular, it’s the original version that most players enjoy. 

Yes. This popular online casino game is very easy to play. Those who have not played craps before should find it a relatively easy game to pick up. 

No. All legitimate online casinos use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to keep the game fair. The RNG ensures that no game of craps is affected by outside influence. 

No. However, more and more online casinos are now offering this very popular game.

Yes. Many online casinos allow players to download an app. Alternatively, the site might be mobile-optimised. This means the site has ensured that players can access their site and play craps via a mobile device. 

Yes. Some online casinos allow players to play craps online for free. However, free games don’t always have as many features or levels as regular craps. 

Some online craps games do. 

It depends on the type of craps that is played and the tactics that are used. Odds can range from 2.8% on craps 2-12, and up to 66.7% on Don’t Pass Line: 4-10. 

Craps tends to be a relatively safe game to play. This is because the online casinos that the games are hosted on are licensed and regulated. 

Players need to roll a winning set of numbers, based on the type of bet that they have made. 

Some online casinos might offer VIP bonuses and loyalty points for online craps. Alternatively, the casino might offer a range of bonuses that can be used on any game the player wishes. 

Craps can be a mixture of both luck and skill. There are a few strategies and tactics that players can use. However, for the most part, craps is a game of luck. 

Live dealer craps games are usually based in a casino or studio. The dealer will also interact with the players, helping the game to have a realistic casino feel. Ordinary online craps does not offer these features. 

No. Some online casinos set limits as to how much a player can win during a game. This means that it’s highly unlikely any player will win enough to make a living.