For many UK online casino players, the joy of a win often comes with the expectation of a swift and hassle-free withdrawal. However, players can unfortunately encounter delays when withdrawing their winnings for a variety of reasons which can be frustrating and confusing.

Yet, despite the inconvenience, these delays are not usually due to inefficiency or stalling on the casino’s behalf. Instead, they are often adhering to the stringent legal obligations laid out by the UK Gambling Commission which are designed to help keep gambling safe and secure.

However, it’s important to understand that the speed of a withdrawal is not solely in the hands of the casinos. Players themselves can influence these transactions, having the potential to speed up (or even slow down) proceedings. In this guide, we’re going to explain exactly what players can do to try and reduce delays as much as possible.

Icons of payment methods

Choose a quick payout method

One of the biggest impacts that a player has is when deciding what payment provider to use. Different providers process transfers at different speeds, so it’s essential to select one that’s both convenient and quick.

Luckily, there are now many payment providers that satisfy both of these demands. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.


Known for its rapid processing, PayPal stands out as an exceptionally quick option for casino withdrawals. In many cases, players can find the funds available in their account within a few minutes after the transaction has been approved.

Alongside speed, PayPal offers British players a variety of extra benefits. For example, it’s renowned for strong safety and security features which ensure that all financial details are well protected. Also, after being quite exclusive for many years, it’s much more widely available. For example, you can find many online casinos that accept PayPal on Casino Professor.

Bank transfer

Gone are the days when bank transfers took several banking days to clear. In the UK, like in the rest of the world, bank transfers have gone through significant improvements. Hence most online casinos have bank transfer as an option to transfer money.

Not only are deposits at online casinos processed instantly, but payouts are also very quick. At the fastest online casinos, withdrawals via bank transfer are paid in under one hour. It’s less than two hours at most other casinos in the UK.

Due to the major advancements in speed, bank transfers have become very popular again among UK players. With no extra account setup required, it’s a straightforward and time-efficient way to get access to your winnings.

Debit card

The process of withdrawing to a debit card has improved a lot lately. The waiting time has been substantially reduced, as many players are now able to access their funds on the same day the casino processes the transaction. Before, it was common to have to wait for several days.

Debit cards have always been used by online casino players due to their simplicity. Everyone has one and there’s no need to create an extra account to make a payment. The fact that payout speeds are now faster than before has only increased their popularity.

Complete any verification beforehand

A common reason for a withdrawal being delayed is the need for extra player verification.

When signing up at an online casino, some players are automatically verified without needing to submit any documents. While this can be very useful, it can also make players think that the entire process has been completed when that’s often not the case.

In some situations, you’ll need to provide verification documents before a withdrawal is processed. This can catch players off guard, leading to unexpected delays in accessing their funds.

However, there are a few proactive steps you can take to try and mitigate these problems:

  • Submit Documents Early: Rather than waiting to be asked for verification documents, it’s advisable to send them early so that you’re fully verified in advance. This can help to avoid any potential delays when you decide to withdraw your winnings.
  • Have Documents Ready: Alternatively, you can prepare copies of verification documents beforehand so that they’re ready to send straight away. Therefore, if they are needed, the process can be completed quickly and lead to less waiting time.

The types of documents typically requested include a copy of your passport or driving license, a utility bill, and evidence of your payment method. In some cases, more detailed financial information like bank statements might be required to verify the credibility of your source of funds.

This level of scrutiny is detailed in the UK Gambling Commission’s guidelines. Compliance with these requests is not just important for the speed of your transactions; it’s also a requirement of every casino’s terms and conditions.

Request early and on a working day

As each withdrawal request needs to be approved, submitting them as early as possible can help to speed things up. Many online casinos have specific cut-off times for processing transactions. By requesting early, you increase the likelihood that yours will be processed on the same day.

The day of the week you choose can also have an impact. For example, some casinos have limited working hours on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays which can lead to fewer approvals. Some sites don’t process transactions on these days at all. So, wherever possible, it’s best to place your request on a normal working day.