A-List: Celebrities and Stars Who Love a Bit of Casino Action


If you love nothing more than to spend time at an online casino, you may be interested to learn about famous gamblers. The most famous gamblers the UK and the rest of the world has may surprise you. Perhaps you thought you knew a lot about the celebrities listed below. However, with a bit of research, we’ve managed to find out which celebrities love a bit of casino action.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is known throughout the world for his acting and his personal life. However, what he’s not always known for is his love of casinos. In fact, Charlie Sheen is rumoured to have spent a lot of money while he was divorcing Denise Richards. It is alleged that Sheen used his mobile phone to place a bet. However, we do not know how much Sheen won, if he did indeed gamble online.

Perhaps Charlie Sheen played the best online roulette or enjoyed a game of blackjack. Regardless of what the actor bet on, it’s likely that he’d love to star in a gambling movie. Only time will tell if he does.

Matt Damon

We all know how talented Matt Damon is. He always seems to star in some great movies and he always seems to be at the top of his game. However, not a lot of people are aware that Damon likes to make even the richest casino owners very happy. 

Matt Damon is thought to have spent a lot of time in a casino before he starred in “Rounders”. This movie is thought to be one of the best gambling movies around. It’s likely that its success is down to the fact that Damon prepared himself for the role by indulging in a few games of poker. Chances are, he still plays poker from time to time. However, it’s unlikely that his opponents will be very happy with his efforts. Matt Damon is known for his brains and skill. It’s likely then, that he wipes the floor with anyone he comes up against.

Ben Affleck

Known for playing Batman, being married to Jennifer Lopez, and starring alongside Matt Damon, Affleck enjoys a spot of gambling. Visiting real money casinos seems to be no issue to Affleck who could be the world’s most famous gambler. 

With 2 Oscars under his belt, Affleck is rumoured to enjoy playing blackjack and poker. If his role in “The Accountant” is anything to go by, chances are, Affleck is very good at these traditional card games.

Harry Styles

Who’d have thought that young Harry Styles was a bit of a casino fan? While he might not yet be one of the greatest gamblers of all time, Harry Styles loves to gamble. At least, that’s the rumour, anyway. Thought to enjoy some online roulette, Styles has a “17 Black” tattoo that shows how much he loves the game. 

We don’t know how much Styles has won at an online casino or how often he plays. However, what we do know is that Harry helps to add a lot of style to the game of online roulette.

Bruce Willis

Now retired, Bruce Willis has ‘more time to play at his favourite live casino online. Considered to be a very good player, Bruce Willis seems to enjoy playing a variety of games. Thought to have won $500,000 in Atlantic City, Willis can often be found enjoying the game of baccarat. 

Baccarat is not one of the most widely played games around. However, what is clear is that Bruce Willis loves it enough to have won a huge sum of money.

Tobey Maguire

Out of all the celebrities who gamble, Tobey Maguire may seem like the least likely to place a bet. However, the Spiderman star was thought to be a part of a high-stakes poker game a few years ago. There was talk about the game being illegal, but that could just be a rumour. In any case, we know that Maguire loves poker so maybe we’ll see him in a poker-related movie sometime.

Pamela Anderson

Thought to only visit the very best online casinos, Pamela Anderson is one of the most famous female gamblers. Pamela Anderson is thought to be a fan of the poker table and may have won many games. There was talk of the actress losing as much as $250,000 against a professional poker player. However, what we do know is that Anderson loves poker as much as we do. You never know, the Baywatch actress may try her hand at poker again sometime in the near future.

Gerard Pique

Football fans who love to visit new betting sites may be interested to know there are a few footballers who gamble. The most famous of which seems to be Gerard Pique. This Spanish footballer apparently earned €50,000 back in 2011. This was as a result of competing in a few poker tournaments. 

Once Pique retires, it’s thought that he may decide to take up poker professionally. This is something that many poker and football enthusiasts will no doubt be thrilled about.

Rafael Nadal

Perhaps one of the most famous tennis players, Rafael Nadal makes no qualms about his love for poker. Rafael Nadal may not be well-known for gambling. However, that did not stop him from becoming one of the most famous professional gamblers. 

Nadal has extensive knowledge of poker and even landed a sponsorship as a professional player. Playing poker online, Nadal participated in a range of poker tournaments and is known for winning a fair few games. 

You may be surprised about the above celebrities and stars’ love for gambling. However, indulging in a bit of casino action can be something of a stress-reliever. Life as a celebrity can get very hectic. Indulging in some casino action can help to relieve that burden and bring its own rewards. Offering high-quality games and a real potential to win a nice sum of cash, it’s no wonder that many celebrities love a bit of casino action.