One thing you need to be aware of when taking advantage of the offers you will see on this site, is that MOST bookmakers and casinos will restrict their offers to 1 person per houseIP address and bank card.

This can be risky if for example you visited a friend’s house and used their internet connection to log in to your bookmaker accounts. If your friend has an account with the same bookmaker, they might pick up on this and you could BOTH get ‘gubbed’ or possibly worse. This is because they will notice you accessing your account from an IP address that is already associated with a different account.

What you can do:

  • Always make sure you do your betting at home and don’t let other people bet at your home (or insist they use their mobile phone data, not your wifi for example)
  • If you are away from home, always use your mobile phone as opposed to someone else’s wifi. Mobile phone data gives you a randomised UK IP address.
  • Alternatively, consider using a 3G dongle or even a VPN network (re-routes your internet usage to a different IP/location)


If a bookmaker or casino can prove you to be using multiple accounts they will instantly ban you and possibly have grounds to retain any balance you may have won against their terms (which always state you are not allowed to use multiple accounts, or abuse their system)

Once you start using the site and see how much money you can make, it’s natural to want to use multiple accounts to make even more money. We’re not advising you to do this, because it would be breaking the terms of virtually all companies you would be using for your betting activity.

If you did decide to help your friends and place bets for them, you do so at your own risk. Please bear in mind the tips on this page and throughout the site. As we wish for you all to remain safe, we allow conversation on this matter to take place on our forum and Discord. However, we will not be giving any more official advice on this matter other than the information on this page.