If you’re like many gamblers have experienced slot machine games at least once because they’re the most popular game at casinos. While these people are enjoying slot games like the ones you find when you visit New Casinos UK, Some questions will definitely pop up from them. So, we have provided answers to 9 of the most popular questions often asked about slot machines – including questions that slot players ask regularly. 

If you’ve been pondering a question about slot machines, have a look below and see if we can help you out!

1. Can Slots Be Played For Penny?

Penny slots were among one of the best marketing strategies for slot developers. It simply means that you can wager a penny in slot games and still have the chance to land some huge winnings. Some say that casinos have gained more customers through this strategy than they ever did through other strategies. But the truth is… there’s no slot machine where you can play for a penny. The penny slot name simply indicates that some slots have a penny as their minimum bet per line, and for you to get the top payouts in most of these slots, you’re going to have to bet more than one penny on each line. So, effectively, slots cannot be played for a penny.

2. Can Slots Machines Be Beaten In The Long Run?

The simple answer is – probably not. The main strategy involved with slots is to cross your fingers and let hope and luck take over – generally not a good strategy! Like any type of gambling, you win some, you lose some – slot games are no exception. Knowing that in the long game the house usually wins, to make the most money from slot games the most obvious method is to try and hit the huge jackpots, and if you do, withdraw your winnings so you don’t end up staking them again. 

3. How Are Jackpots Different From Progressive Jackpots?

There are progressive jackpots in some casinos, while there are just jackpots in some others. The top-paying combination of symbols on the reels of a slot machine in most online slots is regarded as the ‘jackpot’. Some come with two of these jackpots – the main jackpot and a smaller one.

Progressive is a certain type of jackpot, but not all the jackpots are progressive if that makes sense. The progressive jackpot increases with each bet made by players, contributing a tiny amount of each bet made towards a big pot. One lucky player then hits it big, winning this progressive jackpot amount and the machine then pays them the entire accumulated amount. The progressive jackpot will reset to a lower amount after this and will start accumulating money from bets again.

4. Should I Bet Max All the Time?

This question is interesting because – betting minimum will make sure any losses you have are minimal. On the flip side though, if you want to win big and possibly land the jackpot, you’re going to have to stake as high as possible – at most casinos, those big payouts only happen on the highest stake option. 

5.  Are Online Slot Bonuses Really As Good As They Look?

Generally, online slot bonuses offer some benefits. With most online slots players, they’ll simply keep spinning the reels until they’re out of funds for that gaming session – So, ideally, these players have to embrace any possible way of increasing their bankroll, because more bankroll entails more playing time at the casinos. In this aspect, the bonuses are really good.

But the truth is that some of the terms and conditions or T&C’s that some bonuses come with make cashing out of winnings from them very difficult. When you’re lucky enough to hit a jackpot and just want to get your money out, this can get very annoying. Most bonuses come with wagering requirements you must meet before withdrawing the winnings. Some even come with monthly or weekly withdrawal limits. Many slot players may not feel too bothered by this, but the problem becomes frustrating when they win jackpots. The only way around this is to thoroughly read the bonus terms and conditions before you accept the bonus – This will let you know if the bonus really is as good as it sounds or not.

6. Do I Have To Pay Taxes On My Slot Winnings?

This relies on where you’re playing. In the UK, players don’t have to pay taxes, but other countries do – including certain states in the USA – you’ll have to check local law and legislation.

7. Can The Casinos Alter The House Edge On Slots?

This question is mostly asked by gamblers when they lose games. All gamblers should understand that a casino is a business and their main priority is to make money – But they don’t do this through cheating! 

The thing to understand is that the manufacturers of the slot machines have slot machines with different house edges. Some of these machines have an adjustable house edge and some come with fixed house edges that can’t be altered. The casino management does not have the master control to alter the slot machine house edges. Even if they do with the adjustable house edge, they don’t need to apply it, because they’re already raking in huge money from the slots the way they are!

8. Online and Land Base Slots – Which Is Better?

This depends completely on what your preference is. Some may love the convenience offered by the online slots, where they don’t have to get to the land-based casinos and can just play in the comfort of their own home, while some players may enjoy the lively atmosphere at the land-based casinos. There’s no difference between the real money games played in online slots and the slots you play at the brick and mortar casinos. So, none of them has a clear difference between the other.

9. Am I Missing Something By Playing Table Games When All My Friends Prefer Slots

The most important thing is the game that makes you happy, because fun, entertainment, and leisure are the major reasons for these games. Some people avoid slots because they enjoy games where their winning chances could be bumped up with careful play and strategy, relying less on luck – all these are personal preferences. Some enjoy slots because they like to chase the huge progressive jackpots, while some choose to chase the jackpot by picking a lottery ticket. It’s about choice here and you don’t miss anything if you prefer one type of casino game over another.