We’ll be looking at how bet boosts work and how you can use them to generate a profit.

What Are Bet Boosts?

Bet Boosts allow customers to increase the odds of a selected bet. For example, if the standard odds on Tiger Roll to win the Grand National were 5/1, you may be able to increase the odds using a Bet Boost to something like 8/1.

Not all bookmakers offer Bet Boosts and they differ from similar promotions such as Price Boosts/Enhanced Odds.

bet boost

Bet Boosts are a type of promotion run by some bookmakers such as William Hill and Paddy Power. They often go by different names but essentially, they allow customers to get bigger odds on their bets.

Which Bookies Offer Bet Boosts?

William Hill are the main bookmaker which offers Bet Boosts. They currently give customers a total of 4 Bet Boosts per day. 3 of which can be used on horse racing markets and 1 which can be used to boost the odds of an accumulator containing 3 or more selections.

Paddy Power also offer Bet Boosts which they call ‘Power Ups’. Customers at Paddy Power aren’t given Power Ups every day and usually have to qualify to receive one either by placing a bet on a certain event or by meeting the criteria for their Paddy’s Rewards Club. Paddy also offer ‘Power Prices’ which are like Price Boosts where the odds of a specific bet have been boosted.

Some other bookmakers offer Bet Boosts to new customers which usually allows them to boost the odds of their first bet with them. This is in replace of a standard welcome offer which may offer free bets. For example, online bookie LeoVegas offers customers a 100% ‘Profit Boost’ on their first bet. This is essentially a Bet Boost as it is boosting the odds so that you receive double the profit should your bet win.

Here is a list of some bookies which offer boosts and the name they refer to them by:

  • Paddy Power – Power Up / Power Prices
  • Skybet – Price boosts
  • William Hill – Bet Boosts
  • Betfair – Odds Boost
  • Ladbrokes – Odds Boost 

What Are Price Boosts?

Price Boosts, or ‘Enhanced Odds’ as they’re also known as, differ from Bet Boosts as you usually don’t get to choose the bet to boost the odds of. Price boosts can be available to both new and existing customers and are more common than Bet Boosts.

As mentioned, price boosts can be offered to both new and existing customers of a bookmaker. Price boosts for new customers are generally much bigger than for existing customers as bookies want to entice customers with an attractive offer.

For example, a bookmaker may offer new customers enhanced odds of 40/1 for Tiger Roll to win the Grand National instead of the standard odds of 5/1.

Both William Hill and 888Sport are two bookies who regularly offer enhanced sign-up offers which have good value.

Price boosts for existing customers can be found daily with many online bookmakers. These boosts tend to be a lot smaller but can still have value. William Hill offer price boosts on the majority of high-profile football matches and SkyBet do the same with the addition of their ‘Soccer Saturday Price Boost’ each week which boosts the odds of usually a 3-fold Acca by considerable amounts.

skybet price boost

Where To Find Price Boosts

As mentioned, Bet Boosts allow you to boost the odds of a bet of your choice and William Hill and Paddy Power allow you to do this on specific sports or markets at times. However, Price Boosts are available daily at many bookmakers but it can be time consuming to find all of these boosts.

At Profit Squad, we compile all of the latest price boosts and display them both in the members area and on Discord. Discord is a chat application used by Profit Squad members to discuss matched betting, find out about the latest offers and also to be notified about price boosts.

Profit Squad members are able to access various channels on Discord which all have their own purpose such as for discussing casino offers, horse racing strategies and sports offers. There are also channels where BOTS run and post close matches for 2 UPs, Extra Place matches as well as available price boosts. Members can browse the list of price boosts to find one which have value and potentially make a profit from the one which do.

How To Profit From Bet Boosts & Price Boosts

Although Bet Boosts and Price Boosts differ, the outcome of both are the same with the odds of your bet being increased.

So, how do we profit from these enhanced odds?

If we are looking to lock in a profit from a boost, the simple way is to create an arb. This is when the back odds at the bookmaker are greater than the lay odds for the same bet at a betting exchange.

For example, a typical back and lay market make look like this:

  • Back Odds: 2.0
  • Lay Odds: 2.05

If we put these details into a matched betting calculator, we can see it results in a 50p loss regardless of the outcome. This is because the exchange lay odds are greater than the bookmaker back odds.

bet boosts

However, if the odds of our bet with the bookmaker were boosted from 2.0 to say 4.0, we would be able to make a profit of £9 by backing and laying our bet with a £10 stake regardless of whether our bet wins or loses with the bookie. This is because the bookmaker back odds are now greater than the lay odds of the exchange.

price boosts

This shows how it is possible to lock in a profit from bet boosts, price boosts and enhanced odds regardless of the outcome of your bet.

The other option you have is to not lay your bet. This should only be done if the bookmaker back odds are greater than the lay odds on the betting exchange as this signals that the bookmaker bet has value.

You won’t make a profit every time you place these bets and only when your bet with the bookmaker wins. However, as the returns you will receive should you bet win with the bookie are greater than if you placed them at the standard odds, you will make a profit on average over time.

These type of bets are often referred to as ‘Advantage Play’.