If you are sick of paying exorbitant fees to deposit money into betting sites, you might want to consider using Paysafecard next time. Since 2000, this Austria-based payment processing service has been quietly gaining fans around the world. 

Matched bettors in particular love using Paysafecard because it helps to ensure that any funds won on bets aren’t wasted on processing fees. If you want to find out more about this, bestbettingsites.uk details further benefits so you can make an informed decision. 

Matched betting is all about squeezing a profit out of the free bets offered by bookmakers across the United Kingdom. It’s totally legal and has become really popular with savvy gamblers who know how to take advantage of these opportunities.

For many gambling enthusiasts, there is just one little problem with making the absolute maximum out of matched betting: the fees payment processors charge to deposit money onto betting sites. Although in many cases matched bets are offered for discounted rates, or totally free of charge, to access these opportunities you often need to have money deposited onto a betting site. 

This is where Paysafecard can save you time and make matched betting even more fun. 

Matched Betting: Don’t Miss Out on All These Great Offers  

In case you’ve made it this far, but aren’t quite sure what matched betting is, this next section will offer you a quick rundown so you can start earning money on these great opportunities. 

Imagine you wanted to place a bet on a boxing match, and you didn’t really care who actually won the match. You simply wanted to be able to take advantage of the great odds bookmakers had set on the match, and the fact that some of them were offering free bets.

Matched betting can be done with many sports, and with many different outcomes besides who wins or loses a given competition. Nonetheless, with our boxing scenario, you might place one bet on the first boxer, Rigley Miles and a second one, on the second boxer, Phil Daniels. Your bet for Miles was paid in cash, your bet with Daniels was a free bet from a bookmaker. 

Now, it doesn’t really matter who wins. Miles or Daniels can each offer you a return on your investment in accordance with the specific betting lines for this fight as set by the bookmakers you placed bets with. As crazy as this may sound, you can now profit no matter what. 

This is why matched betting is so popular. This also helps explain why an almost zero cost, supremely fast, safe and reliable service like Paysafecard is such a great choice for matched bettors. 

Paysafecard: A Perfect Choice for Matched Betting 

Since Paysafecard launched in 2000, their service has become immensely popular with bookmakers and their customers around the world. One of the main reasons people love this payment processor is because it allows customers to prepay for transactions, without having to disclose their sensitive private information, such as bank account details.

Privacy is important for many different reasons. Using Paysafecard helps to ensure that your sensitive details cannot fall into the wrong hands. This adds peace of mind while still allowing you to transfer money onto betting sites to take advantage of matched betting promotions. Cybercrime is on the rise and Paysafecard helps to safeguard gamblers. 

Using Paysafecard offers additional benefits as well. For starters, the service is almost free save for an annual maintenance fee of £2. After this expense, you can use this service as much or as little as you want, and never have to worry about paying money for transactions. When it comes to cost savings, Paysafecard is clearly a great choice. 

The next key benefit of this service for matched bettors in particular, is the fact that once you complete a transaction with Paysafecard, your funds are available within a matter of seconds. This means if a bookie offers a limited free bet offer, you can capitalize on it quickly without having to wait for your funds to clear. 

Regardless of which sports you love to bet on, Paysafecard is a true game changer, and worth considering the next time you want to deposit funds on the internet.