If you have never gotten into sports betting, then let 2021 be your year to start. The sports betting industry continues to grow, and this is a great time to get involved.

Or you could be someone that is already betting on sports, but you are looking for tips to be more successful. This article will provide you with some creative betting tips for you to try in 2021.

It’s always important to try out all of the tips and tricks you can think of when betting on sports to be even more successful. Betting on sports is never easy, but there is a way to beat the bookies. 

We will also point out some of the top online sportsbooks available and highlight some of the welcome bonuses from each site. You don’t have to choose these sites, but it is highly recommended that you do. 

How To Make More Successful Bets

If you are someone who is struggling to bet on sports, or if you are looking to become a better bettor, then we have some tips for you. One way to become successful when betting on sports is to do plenty of research.

Another essential factor to help you become successful is choosing a sportsbook that will meet all of your needs. If you are betting on the wrong sportsbook, you will always struggle to become successful when betting on sports. 

This guide is a great way to find the best online sportsbooks to start with sports betting. 

Five Sports Betting Tips For 2021

The purpose of this article is to give you new strategies to try when betting on sports, and some of this information might be a repeat of what you are doing. If you are just getting into the sports betting industry, then this information could be extremely useful to help you get started.

These are five sports betting tips to try in 2021, and using these tips should lead to bigger wins at the sportsbook. 

Bankroll Management System

Before you even begin thinking about betting on sports, you must come up with a bankroll management system. This system will look different for every sports bettor, but you have to figure out how much money you are willing to bet on sports. 

The first part of your plan should include how much you are willing to deposit initially, and then you must also figure out when you are ready to reload your account. Choosing a betting unit is another essential part of any bankroll management system.

Learn the Basics

The next tip is to learn the basics of sports betting, including understanding how to read odds. This tip is mostly for bettors just breaking into the industry, but you can never learn too much information when betting on sports.

Plenty of Research

Before you place a bet on any sporting event, you need to make sure that you are doing plenty of research. This might not be fun, but it is vital when you are betting on sporting events.

Look for recent betting trends with each team in the matchup and look at the injury reports. You want to arm yourself with as much information as possible before making a wager. 

Focus on Variety of Sports

Another tip to help you be successful when betting is to focus on a variety of different sports. It’s okay to specialize in just one sport, but knowing various sports will give you more options.

It is also important to remember to never place a bet on a sport or league that you are not familiar with. This will lead to some unnecessary losses and will deplete your account very quickly. 

Try Different Sportsbooks

The final tip is to try out different sportsbooks, especially if you do not find much success at a current sportsbook. This article is full of great suggestions, and we also offer reviews of some of the top online sportsbooks. 

Trusted Online Sportsbooks 

When you are looking for an online sportsbook, we have three of them that we highly recommend. All three of these online sportsbooks have some fantastic bonuses to help get you started in the industry. 

These online sportsbooks are all legal, and they will take customers from around the world. You can simply choose to bet on just one of these sites, or you can sign up for all of them. 


BetOnline currently offers a 50% first deposit bonus up to $1,000. BetOnline also accepts cryptocurrency and has extremely fast payout speeds.

Not only will you find a number of payment and banking options at BetOnline, but all of the payouts are extremely fast. You won’t find many issues when trying to bet on sports at BetOnline. 


Bovada is currently offering a 50% first deposit bonus up to $250, which is still a terrific offer. They also have a crypto-specific bonus when you use BTC for the first time. This site is limited to US customers only, and the top US sports are featured on this site.

There is a very low rollover requirement on the bonus offer. You won’t go wrong with signing up and betting at Bovada Sportsbook.


MyBookie has a monster welcome offer, giving new customers a 100% first deposit bonus up to $1,000. This offer is a great way to build up your account before you even make a bet on sports. 

MyBookie is also known for a great variety of bets, and this is a popular sports betting option. If you are looking for a site with the best welcome offer, then MyBookie is the option for you. 


This year is set to be another huge one for the sports betting industry, and there is no time like the present to get into the industry. Before you begin betting on sports, you will want to make sure you plan to be successful. 

These tips below should help you become a better sports bettor, but there are certainly some other tips that you can try. As long as you arm yourself with a plan, you give yourself a chance to be successful.

If you are looking for somewhere to bet on sports, try the three online sportsbooks that we have recommended above. We review all of these sites thoroughly, and we are willing to stand by our reviews.

By following these tips and betting at the sportsbooks listed above, 2021 could be a huge year for you when betting on sports.