When you first start matched betting, new customer offers from bookmakers will most likely be the first offers you claim. Bookmakers offer a number of betting offers to existing customers but in order to claim these, you need to have an account and so you may as well take advantage of the welcome offers which are available when you sign up as a new customer.

New customer offers can only be claimed once and so there is a limited supply of them. However, there are dozens of bookmakers online and the majority of them offer new customers an incentive of some sort when they register and place their first bet. These offers vary in value with some having an Estimated Value of just a few pounds and others up to £100+.

So, how much can you make from these new customer offers?

If you don’t have any bookmaker accounts then you’ll be able to take advantage of over 70 new customer offers at different bookmakers. As mentioned, some will make you just a few pounds profit when matched betting whereas other can make you a lot more. However, all offers which have a positive expected value are worth claiming and we estimate that it’s possible to make around £1,000 profit from the welcome offers which are available today at the various bookmakers.

Where to find welcome offers

You can find all profitable bookmaker offers in the members’ area of Profit Squad. We scour the web on a regular basis to find these offers and present them to our members. There are also a number of other websites which list free bet and welcome offers which can be a good resource to find new bookies and offers. For example, you can find over £1300 in sign up offers on this list of betting deals. That’s not the profit you will make from matched betting these offers but rather the value of the free bets and bonuses you can receive when registering at all of the bookies listed.

Once you have found the offers, you will need to determine whether or not they are profitable. If the offer is listed on Profit Squad, we will provide a step-by-step matched betting guide for each one showing you how to profit from them using matched betting strategies. If you are an experienced matched bettor, you may be able to determine whether or not an offer has value yourself. However, always remember to read the terms and conditions of every offer carefully before registering and depositing any money.


There are dozens of welcome offers available at various bookmakers. Each one will vary in value but many of them can be extremely profitable. It’s a good idea to sign up to as many bookmakers as possible as you’ll not only be able to claim the welcome offers but you’ll then also be eligible to take advantage of the regular offers available to existing customers.