The Kentucky Derby is fast approaching, which means gamblers are just now starting to look at the horses that should be running in the race. The enthralling US flat race is one of the most exciting of the Triple Crown season and is watched by a huge global audience.

However, the factor that ensures that there is added interest in the race is due to the fact that millions around the world will wager on the action. But what factors should gamblers be aware of to ensure that they make the best possible bet on the Kentucky Derby?

Read The Race Card

One of the most essential pieces of research that gamblers should do before betting on the Kentucky Derby is to read the race card. This should be vital reading before any race that you bet on. The race card is the best place to get all the information that you need to make the most knowledgeable bet on the Kentucky Derby. These pieces of information will be seen on the race card:

  • Trainer
  • Owner
  • Jockey
  • Recent Form
  • Rating
  • Jockey Colours

All of the information that can be found on the race card will help gamblers make the best possible bet. Some of the leading horse racing sites for tips also provide small pieces of information on the race cards, which will help the bettor discount certain runners in the race.

Keep An Eye On The Horses

Gamblers should also keep a close eye on the horses before the race gets underway, as this could be an indicator as to how the horse may perform when the race gets underway.

Bettors will want their horse to be calm in the parade ring, while the feature that gamblers should be most interested in should be the ears. You will want your horse to have their ears up, as this would indicate that they are confident and ready to race.

Flat ears tend to mean that the horse is low on confidence. Gamblers will also want their selection to be calm around the parade ring, which means that you should be keeping a close eye on whether the horses are sweating of whether they appear to be agitated when they are walking around the paddock.

Look For Trends

It would help if you also examined the horses that have won the race in the past. Some trainers excel when it comes to certain races, and have achieved more success than others. That is certainly the case with the Kentucky Derby, with Bob Baffert having won the race on two occasions in the past five years.

It would be best if you also looked into jockeys that have successful records in the Kentucky Derby. Riders that have won the illustrious race on two or more occasions will generate more interest from gamblers as they will know the tactics that are needed to win the race.

For instance, Victor Espinoza has won the Kentucky Derby on two previous occasions, with the most recent of those coming in 2015 as he rode American Pharaoh to glory.

Take a look at the current odds:

Take Into Account The Conditions

The conditions are as important as anything else when it comes to selecting a winner. Some horses prefer sloppy ground for the Kentucky Derby, while others will excel when the track is fast.

The conditions will play a huge part in the winning horse, which means that gamblers should look at what the conditions will be like, and then examine whether the horse has excelled in the conditions that the race will be run in.