This guide will walk you through the details of betting on tennis and placing risk-free matched bets on tennis matches. One of the greatest advantages of betting on tennis is that a standard bet on a match only has two outcomes. A player can either win or lose. Yet there are complications. What happens when a player is injured or a match called off? When do bookies offer bets on tennis, and how can they be used for matched betting? This article explains the details of the process.

Types Of Tennis Betting

Many people bet on tennis using statistics, knowledge of player’s form, and tennis betting tips to evaluate the outcomes. They are looking for “value bets” where they believe that a given outcome is more likely to happen than what the odds suggest. Matched betting doesn’t rely on knowing the right outcome, as all outcomes are covered.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the different types of tennis bets that you can make with a typical bookmaker, and whether they are relevant to those of us who only make matched bets.

Matches – Bet on who will win win the match. A draw is not an option, though be aware of different retirement rules, which affect how each bookmaker pays out bets when players are injured, disqualified or retire from the match early. More on this later. For now, betting on match outcomes is the most simple and relevant type of betting for fans of matched betting.

Sets – You can bet on the outcome of sets in a number of ways. You could bet on how many sets each player will win. For example, Player A wins 3 sets, Player B wins 2 sets. This is too complicated for effective matched betting. However, bookies often allow you to wager on the winner of individual sets. For example, Player A to win set 1. This type of bet is also suitable for matched betting, though it will be tougher to find lays and dutches.

Other Bets – You can also place bets on handicap odds, over/under bets, such as whether the match will be over in under 3.5 sets, and in-play bets based on the live action. Though these bets offer plenty of excitement for anyone interested in wagering casually, they are not suitable for matched bets.

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Matched Betting On Tennis

So, we have seen that certain types of tennis bets lend themselves particularly well to matched betting, such as betting on match outcomes. There are only two opponents, and only one can win.

Bookmakers also tend to have plenty of offers for tennis betting, especially around the time of big tournaments on famous tours like the APT and WTA. Look out for the Grand Slam events such as the Australian, French and US Open, and Wimbledon. There will be plenty of offers available at these times and also plenty of opportunities to find the right odds to lay off your bets.

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What happens to your bets when a player is injured?

The only complication when it comes to matched betting in tennis is the different retirement rules that bookmakers offer. Basically, bookies react in their own way when it comes to a match being called off in an event of an injury or disqualification.

You can read our full guide on tennis retirement rules, but for now, it is enough to know that you should only lay off bets when both the bookies and the exchange have the same retirement rules. Otherwise, you will need to manually cover both sides by “dutching” with two bookies.

The “One Set Complete” rule is used by all betting exchanges. It dictates that all bets are paid once one set has been completed. If you use bookies with this rule you can’t go wrong, otherwise, read up on the guide to gain more clarity on this issue.

This is really the only complication with tennis matched betting. Once you have got your head around retirement rules, you can claim free bet offers and use them to make matched bets on the outcome of tennis matches. Like all matched betting, once you get used to the process it’s a doddle to make risk-free bets.