Two global sports entertainment outfits, NASCAR and IGM ARENA, have just entered into an agreement that would change the face of the sports betting landscape. The agreement, which was announced on Wednesday, 20th May 2020 is to the effect that IMG ARENA would create virtual sports car racing games from some of NASCAR’s race series.

This means that the tracks of the virtual games developed pursuant to this deal will be modelled on some of NASCAR’s significant tracks. Some of such tracks, of course, include Watkins Glen International, Daytona International Speedway, and Talladega Superspeedway, which are record-making tracks in the USA. The virtual games are to be developed by Leap Gaming, a leading developer of virtual sports games. With its investment in Leap Gaming, IMG ARENA looks to get the best possible software offered to players.  

The second phase of the deal is the license issued to IMG ARENA to offer sportsbooks outside of the USA the rights to provide live streams of NASCAR Cup Series races. With this deal sealed, you should expect to stake on and Livestream NASCAR Cup Series races as well as other series of the global car racing outfit. The agreement marks the first of its kind to sportsbooks outside of the North American continent. The deal increases the number of sports betting options currently on offer by IMG ARENA. These include the following:

  • Football;
  • Horse Racing;
  • Tennis;
  • Greyhound Racing;
  • Cycling; and
  • Speedway Racing.

What this Means for Casinos & Sportsbooks 

With this deal sealed by IMG ARENA and NASCAR, sportsbooks are in for some increased real rush of their services by players. Undoubtedly, the virtual gaming landscape is garnering some unwavering attention and patronage from die-hard players, who are willing to go all hard to get as much fun as possible from it. Currently, a billion-dollar innovation in the industry, the fun of the game can be said to be no match compared to what sportsbooks are going to make.

A number of casino sites such as Casino Top are looking to offer this as a service. Aside from the massive revenue to be generated by sportsbooks from offering betting markets on virtual NASCAR Cup series, the live-streaming option is a perk. With the live-streaming option to players, some players can decide to stake on other markets on offer at a casino. So the IMG ARENA-NASCAR deal is about to be the best that the sports betting industry has seen so far.

What it Means for Bettors 

As always, the crux of betting centres around fun and winning some cool cash, but this time it’s a little different. Bettors will be getting a grip of the innovation from virtual gaming, which perhaps is one of the best things to happen to the game in recent times. So the best time to bet on sports markets is now, as the epochal NASCAR Cup Series is coming to bettors all over the world!


IMG ARENA is a London-based gigantic sports, media, events, fashion, and talent management company that was founded in 2012. IMG ARENA’s interest and passion in sporting events are unparalleled as it provides several virtual sports products and constant live streaming access to over 480 sports betting outfits the world over. The company prides itself on delivering over 45,000 sporting events every year, with millions of hours spent on streaming its content. The company has been in the active management of several remarkable sports stars all over the globe.

About the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) 

NASCAR is the regulatory authority of the most viewed and most popular motor racing in the USA. NASCAR organizes several motor racing competitions in the USA, such as 3 International Series 3 National Series competitions, 3 Regional Series, 1 Local Grassroots Series. It also owns One Daytona, the Automobile Racing Club of America, American crown Service, Racing Electronics, and Motor Racing Network. NASCAR is undoubtedly one of the largest racing authorities in the world, and that’s why its deal with IMG ARENA is about to reshape the face of virtual gaming.

Last Thoughts on the IMG-NASCAR Partnership 

IMG ARENA and NASCAR are both giants in their respective industries, of course, the partnership is sure to result in incredible services to bettors all over the world. The significance of this partnership is more underscored by the fact that virtual gaming is involved.