The season is drawing to a close, and in the final games, teams will be fighting to secure the highest finish they can. For some, like Cardiff City, there is a battle to avoid relegation, and for others, like Manchester City, the goal is the silverware. looks at both sides ahead of the match on April 3rd.

Manchester City

Current title holders Manchester City were on track to take the cup for a second season until Liverpool upped their game and now the two teams are locked in a battle that has seen Manchester City left to wait agonisingly close in second place. Just two points separate the top two teams, but Liverpool are playing so well that despite a run of wins for both sides the gap remains and City have not been able to take back their place. What Pep Guardiola will be thinking remains unclear, but some feel that he will take a ‘been there, done that’ attitude and will be focusing on the Champions League more than a double Premier League win. However, it will only take a small slip from Liverpool, and they will be back on top so really the teams should avoid giving up at this late stage.

On paper they are offering the stronger performance though, in the last five games, not all of which were Premier League games, they have won five for five, and are looking pretty unbeatable. The pressure is on as they have a shot at taking the title in more than one competition which requires 15 more games between now and when the season ends so they really do have their work cut out. The motto for City must surely be eyes on the prize if they can hold their nerve; it is possible they will take the title. In terms of this match against Cardiff City, well it should really be a walk in the park.

Cardiff City

No-one wants to find themselves in the relegation zone, but sadly that is exactly where Cardiff City are currently sitting. In 18th place there are just two points between them and Burnley, so the win would be the chance to claw their way back to safety but frankly squaring off against Manchester City doesn’t offer much hope for the three points.

In their last five games, they have only managed to win two, losing the other three so their form is not on the same level, and frankly being in the relegation zone almost puts them in a whole different league. This season they have only managed to climb to fourteenth place which is not the best but have sat right down in 20th, back in week eight. Finishing in 17th has to be where they are aiming for, but at the moment they need to pull their game up a level to get there and frankly away to Manchester City is possibly not the right arena for this to happen.