The 2020 NBA Finals is nearing soon after many schedule realignments took place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A few days ago, the Conference Semifinals were successfully concluded, and there are now four teams remaining who’ll vie for the Conference Finals. These four teams have shown the courage to deserve their placement after a suspenseful play-ins. 

Is it surprising to know that last year’s NBA champion, the Toronto Raptors, has failed to inch a step in the Conference Finals? Although many fans were a bit stunned, others are delighted to see new teams who’ll vie for this year’s NBA championship. In line with the upcoming Conference Semifinals, the betting games will also take place to offer huge prizes.

The four remaining NBA teams are now working out to start the Conference Semifinals elimination. All teams will compete in a best of seven-game series and have to win four games to earn a spot in the finals. That said, let’s know the current NBA odds of the four remaining teams who’ll have the chance to earn the NBA championship title this year. 

Miami Heat 

The Miami Heat faced the Milwaukee Bucks during the Conference Semifinals and managed to win the game series. During the First Rounds, they defeated the Orlando Magic in a 4-1 game run. 

After dispatching the Bucks in the Semifinals, they are now heading to the Conference Finals and facing the Boston Celtics. In fact, they already had their first game last September 15, 2020, where the Heat won the game, earning 117 points over the Celtics’ 114. 

Although Giannis Antekokoumpo had missed playing for the Heat during their Game 5 against the Bucks due to a sprained ankle, the team still managed to win the game. Dragic and Butler worked hand-in-hand to score 17 points each. That’s why they are now heading to the Conference Finals they never had since 2014. 

Boston Celtics 

Historically, the Boston Celtics had the most NBA title since the beginning of the league. They earned 17 championship trophies, and today they might do it again. During the First Rounds, the Celtics swept the Philadelphia 76ers in a 4-0 game run. 

After they won the First-Rounds, they worked well during the Conference Semifinals and dethroned the current NBA champion, the Toronto Raptors. The series ended in a 4-3 game run in favor of the Celtics.

During the Game 7 against the Raptors, the Celtics had to send the best players on the court, and successfully delivered. Jaylen Brown tallied 21 points while Jayson Tatum made 29 points. The game ended in a final score of 92-87 in favor of the Celtics

Los Angeles Lakers 

After joining the Los Angeles Lakers in  2018, Lebron James is heading to the right track this year after bringing the group to the Conference Finals. The Lakers had an easy task in the First Round, where they automatically eliminated the Portland Trail Blazers in a 4-1 game run.

The said victory had led them to earn a spot in the Semifinals where they faced the Houston Rockets. The Rockets had shown their best efforts for this season, yet the Lakers faced them with undeniable talents to get left behind in the Semis. 

Now that the Lakers are back in the Conference Finals, they’re contending against the Denver Nuggets. Aside from getting a spot in the finals, the Lakers have to do a double celebration after LeBron James successfully set a record of being a 16th NBA-All Team. 

Denver Nuggets 

After their fresh victory a few days ago against the LA Clippers, the Denver Nuggets completed the list of teams in the Conference Finals line-up. The Nuggets stepped up during their game against the Clippers, closing the match to a final score of 104-89. 

Many fans doubted the Nuggets since the start of the season, but they eliminated the Utah Jazz in a 4-3 game run during the First Rounds. In the Conference Semifinals, they worked so hard to defeat the Clippers, which they did. Hence, they are now set-up to face the LA Lakers in the Finals. 

Looking into the Semifinal game highlights, Nuggets’ Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic have dominated the game. Murray scored 40 points while Jokic earned 16 points, 13 assists, and 22 rebounds. If these two players can step up during the Conference Finals, they might have the best time of their NBA career once they defeat the LA Lakers. 


Amidst many challenges that the NBA League had faced during the start of the season, the event is now nearing its conclusion. After the Conference Semifinals, the NBA season will host its final show right away. Given the four teams who will wrestle in the best of seven-game series to earn a berth in the finals, make sure not to miss any of their matches to see how their NBA journey will end this year.