Six Ways to Check If the Online Casino You Are Signing Up for is 100% Legit

online casino on tablet screen

Whenever you are undertaking any action online, of any type, you should also be cautious about what information you input and the repercussions that could occur. 

When it comes to playing at an online casino, that caution should be doubled, not least because of the fact that you will be entering critical banking information but also because you’ll want to be sure that the brand or provider you sign up with is as trustworthy as possible, so that if you should secure a lucrative payout that you are then confident that you receive the payout you have earned or won.

Clearly, there are the online casinos that are household names and brands that have a rich history, and on the whole, these may well be the safest options to pursue, but that doesn’t mean that there are not other great providers that aren’t quite as well known.

The pursuit of a legit online casino can be an arduous one, but hopefully, the tips below will help make your journey a less troubling one.


The reputation of an online casino is only as good as the people who visit it, and that’s why checking out a wide range of reviews of a brand is often the safest and most effective route to take when it comes to finding a legit brand.

At Profit Squad, our team of experts run an in-depth analysis of the brands we cover, and our reviews are honest and pinpointed at areas of genuine interest. In other words, we provide helpful information that is highly relevant for a typical user, as opposed to offering worthless insight that doesn’t aid your attempts to find a great online casino.

The key, when reading any online casino review, is to first check the reputational value of the brand, and that can mean anything from keeping an eye out for dubious practices all the way down to minor issues, such as an occasionally slow loading web page.

If a brand is not wholly trustworthy or doesn’t offer a service that is fit for purpose, then checking out online reviews will undoubtedly set off the relevant alarm bells.

Payment Methods

An excellent way to know if an online casino is legit is by noting the types of payment methods that are offered. If the traditional means of use are not there, such as Visa or others, then that’s a real red flag. Similarly, those that offer PayPal as a method are more likely to be legit as this progressive means of payment is very security conscious. 

Though it may be a little after the door has slammed shut, if you have joined an online casino and you are having issues making a withdrawal and their customer service options are unresponsive, then you may be in big trouble.

Check Blacklisted Casino Lists

There are ways to check if an online casino you are considering joining is on a blacklist, and doing so will certainly confirm any suspicions you may have. At Profit Squad, we list a number of these, and it’s worth noting that the list of blacklisted casinos is constantly increasing, such is the potentially fraudulent nature of the market. 

Fortunately, the online casino community is a very communicative one, and once a dodgy online casino has been identified, this should be very apparent from even a cursory Google search. 

Therefore it’s safe to say that if an operator is known for being a fast payout casino in the UK, then it’s one that should be reputable.

Security & Licensing

A trustworthy online casino will be licensed, and you should be able to locate the relevant information on the site itself. If you have to dig deep to find this, or the certification doesn’t appear legitimate, then you should think twice about signing up.

Customer Service

Online casino sites that have a strong and effective customer service operation, with multiple options in this regard, tend to be those that you can trust, so this is an element to look out for both when signing up and also when reading relevant reviews.

If a site has a 24/7 live chat facility that is constantly monitored, that gives you the indication that there is a workable channel between customers and those who run the online casino and that gives you some element of peace of mind.

Be Cautious

Finally, always be incredibly cautious when checking out a potential online casino. If anything seems fishy, then close the tab or app, and move away. Often first impressions can be entirely correct, and some online casinos that are fraudulent are very apparent, while others are far better at hiding their nefarious intentions.

We’d be tempted to say only stick with the big brands, but that would mean missing out on a vast array of legit online casinos that are well worthy of your attention. 

If you take a look at the online casinos reviewed on Profit Squad, you’ll get a good grounding in terms of the strong options that are wholly reputable, and our reviews will give you the lowdown on everything they have to offer as well as any potential drawbacks.