Stick or Twist: Six Ways to Improve Your Blackjack Strategy


Blackjack is a very exciting card game that can prove to be lucrative for some. However, if you’re new to the world of blackjack, it can seem like a win is a long way off. Don’t worry, there is more than one blackjack strategy out there that could help. 

Even a blackjack basic strategy can mean you’re more likely to win a game. Just make sure you practice at online casinos for real money so you’re more likely to win even the smallest amount.

Why Use a Betting Strategy?

Blackjack strategies can help you to increase your chances of winning. You’re unlikely to see similar strategies used in slots, video poker, or even roulette. This is because blackjack is completely different from any of these games. It’s a game of skill and chance. Using a strategy can help you to harness the information you have. This information includes the cards you have, and the cards the dealer has.

1. The Blackjack Basic Strategy

The most basic blackjack strategy involves learning what you’re going to do when the dealer opens a card. You need to learn to either hit, double, split, stand, or surrender. Does blackjack basic strategy work? Indeed it does. This is because the strategy uses basic logic. The best online blackjack sites will show you how to use this logic to your advantage. 

Ultimately, if you want to know how to learn basic strategy blackjack, you need to play online. You need to learn whether hitting, doubling, splitting, standing, or surrendering will give you the best options. As soon as you know what each of these actions can do for you, you can move on to more technical strategies.

2. A Conservative Strategy

A conservative strategy involves you only ever increasing the stakes when the game is going your way. Can you use a blackjack strategy card in a casino? Yes, you can. You can opt not to increase your stake at any time. You can simply stick with a low stake until the game goes your way. 

Just make sure that if and when you do increase your stake that you know how much the house edge is. You’ll also need to be aware of the casino payment methods if you want to withdraw your winnings.

3. The Martingale Strategy

A blackjack perfect strategy might exist, and if it does, it could be the Martingale Strategy. Used by those who can afford to lose money, this strategy can be an expensive one. 

Basically, this strategy involves you doubling your bet even if you have just lost. The idea is that you keep doubling your bet until you have a win. By which time, you could have a lot of money wagered. If you can afford to spend in excess of £500 on a blackjack game, this could be the strategy to use.

4. The 1-3-2-6 Strategy

While this strategy is not quite as exciting as the Martingale Strategy, it can be useful. Ideal for those who don’t have a lot of money to wager, many players are happy to use this strategy. 

The 1-3-2-6 strategy shows you how you should bet once you’ve won a hand. The name of the strategy is the indicator. This strategy is thought to help players get the most value out of their winning streaks. 

When you first have a winning hand, this hand is the trigger that starts the winning sequence, hopefully. When you lose a hand, it ends the game. As we have already seen, the 1-3-2-6 strategy is made to help players everywhere get more out of their potential winning streaks. The most successful players have used this strategy at the start of a 4- hand winning streak. This has resulted in a very nice win. Use this strategy if you are new to the world of Blackjack and you simply don’t want to wager a lot of money on each game.

5. Hit Ace-7 When The Dealer Has 9, 10 Or Ace

What is the best blackjack strategy? It could be this one. Many players think that a hand that comes to 18 is a win. This is ultimately why they typically stand on a soft 18. A soft 18 is composed of an Ace and a 7. 

When an Ace and a 7 are used against a dealer’s 9, 10, or Aces and you hit or stand, you’re less likely to win. So, consider hitting an Ace and a 7 (Ace-7). If you draw a small card, you could end up with a hand that’s more than 18. Do this in the hope that you will get a hard 17 through to 21, or a soft 19-21.

6. Stand With two 9s When The Dealer Has a 7

Most players will know that they need to split two 9s when the dealer’s card is 9 or below. However, if a dealer has a 7, it can be hard to know what to do. In a case such as this, the best thing that you can do is to stand. It’s likely that if you do, you will win some money. You could win a little more money than you otherwise would if you split your two 9s. 

Remember, the dealer is likely to have a 10 as there are 4 times as many 10s in a deck than any other car. When a dealer’s up card is a 7, they may have a pat 17. If you have two 9s, (18) those 9s would beat a 17. This is why it’s usually so much better to play as opposed to hitting. 

Can you make money playing blackjack using basic strategy? Yes, it’s possible. Can you make money using the other strategies? Again, it’s possible. Every player is different and every player will have their own preferred strategies. Learn how to use all of the above strategies to your advantage and let them help you to win one of the most exciting online casino games around.