High stakes are rolling, and it is time to place our bets for this month’s awaited event: the NCAA Basketball Championship. With Selection Sunday on its way, fans are left to wonder, who will be this year’s champion?

On another note, who will be this years’ top seeds? Will Gonzaga still come out undefeated? Will the Baylor and Michigan rank fight end? With so many questions, it’s time to meet this year’s top 5 teams for this year’s March Madness.

This years’ top bet: The Gonzaga Bulldogs

Still at the top spot is the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Ranking in first, the Gonzaga Bulldogs is definitely the best team to bet on this season with an unbeatable 24-0 score. Not only that, but Corey Kispert of the bulldogs snatched this years’ West Coast Conference Player of the Year award. The Bulldogs also bagged 4 out of 5 individual awards this season with awards to Mark Few as Conference Coach of the Year, Jalen Suggs with the West Coast Conference Newcomer of the Year, and Andrew Nembhard with the WCC Sixth Man of the Year. Their credentials and sure-fire scores will guarantee you a safe bet.

The bulldogs are predicted to play with the Prairie View A&M Panthers, which previously came in the 179th rank. This is supposedly a good chance for the Bulldogs, but fortunately, the panthers are predicted to play against NC A&T. Of course, these are all predictions, with Selection Sunday near. It is best to start placing bets on your favorite team.

Racing up to second: The Baylor Bears

Moving on, the Baylor Bears previously placed 3rd with Michigan in the 2nd, but with a never-ending twist to their battle, the Baylor’s back at 2nd. At 2nd  place, the Baylor Bears join the Gonzaga bulldogs and Michigan Wolverines in the top seeds for this year’s tournament. The Bear’s may have lost at Kansas, but they’re still part of the top ranks.  The Bears currently standing as 2nd is a hot topic right now as they just defeated Kansas and Oklahoma in a back-to-back win. This is definitely something worth betting on.

Coming in third: The Michigan Wolverines

The Michigan Wolverines are up on 3rdnd rank (again) with a high chance of positioning themselves in the Big Ten. They are already predicted to be in this years’ top 1 seed, placing themselves alongside the Gonzaga Bulldogs. The Wolverines roster includes star-studded players with scores (and history) enough to play defense and offense. With freshman Hunter Dickinson, who aided the rise of the Wolverines to the Big Ten this season. Another Wolverine, Mike Smith, is mentored by and is known to train with Jimmy Butler of the NBA Miami Heat. What an honor and advantage to have a tutor who is known to be from a reputable team. Also on the team is Jace Howard, son of the former Michigan Wolverine, Juwan Howard. Needless to say, there are not enough words to express how this team has the same chances of remaining at the top with their credentials in the court.

On the fourth: Illinois Fighting Illini

In their 5th undefeated win this season, the Illinis are pushing aside Oklahoma back to its state. Recently on the 5th rank against Houston, Illinois basked their wins with a surefire bet this season. This streak can well lead them to this season’s top seeds alongside the Zag’s, Baylor, and Michigan. With match predictions, Illinois is predicted to play against Texas State/Bryant. Again, these are predictions, but it’s always safe to be up on tabs.

Last but not the least: The Houston Cougars

The Cougars just made the top 5, a position previously taken up by Iowa, but hey, it’s basketball, and one has to rank up. Houston is predicted to fight with the Navy but let’s see this Sunday if the Cougars rank up from their 3rd seed. Current scores of the Houston Cougars. With their shaky standing, everyone knows that low seed teams usually rank up through quadrants. And this season, the Cougars might rank up.


Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Illinois are currently the top seeds of this season. Each team’s straight wins and endless ranking-ups definitely give the fans a reason to bet high this season. With experts closely monitoring the teams’ success, we are more likely to see these four teams for the finals – at least that’s what the scores and current rank say. Betting sites favor the top seeds, and it’s surefire that these four are on the top. However, like all championships, Cinderella stories are the loved ones. It’s also time to review losing teams and see if they qualify for a cinderella-worthy bet. Anyway, Sunday Selection is drawing near. Start counting the odds, and let’s bet by clicking here!