Matched betting is all about making a profit and although buying and selling stocks isn’t something that is usually associated with it, if there’s a profit to be made, we want to know about it.

Trading212 is a platform where you can trade and invest in stocks. Usually, this is a risky venture but they currently have an offer for new customers from which it’s possible to lock in a profit risk-free.

What is the offer?

Register an account with Trading212 today, fund your account and Trading212 will credit your account with a free share with a value of up to £100. They give you this share presumably to get you started with trading but there is nothing stopping you simply selling your share and withdrawing the profits!

This offer was available earlier in 2019 and it was tried and tested without any issues. Some users received a £10 share while others received the maximum £100!

FREE Share worth up to £100!CLAIM NOW

How to claim your Free Share

Follow the simple steps below to claim your free share worth up to £100.

Step 1: Register an account

Click here to visit Trading212 and create an account.

When choosing an ‘account type’, we recommend opening an ‘Invest’ account as the free shares are available for this type of account.

Step 2: Fund your account

You need to fund your account in order to receive your free share. However, you don’t need to buy any shares with your deposit and you can withdraw it at any point. Think of it as a ‘Deposit £X, Get £X offer’ in matched betting without the need to wager your deposit.

We recommend depositing £10.

Step 3: Check how much your free share is worth

This is the exciting part. You should receive your free share within a few hours. It can be worth anything up to £100.

To see what your share is worth, click on the ‘Open Positions’ icon as shown below. You’ll find this at the bottom of the screen once logged into your Trading212 account.

If your share is visible in your ‘Open Positions’, it means that it has been credited. If it is in your ‘Pending Positions’, check back later.

When your share has been credited, your balance will show your initial deposit + the value of your free share.

Step 4: Sell your share

You won’t be able to sell your share immediately after receiving it as you have to wait 3 days.

Once 3 days have past, click on ‘X’ to sell your share. It should sell within a few hours.

Once your share has sold, you’ll be able to withdraw your balance consisting of your initial deposit + the value of your share at the time of selling.

You can make anywhere up to £100 profit from this offer!

FREE Share worth up to £100!CLAIM NOW