Matched betting doesn’t always revolve around bookmaker and casino offers. The aim of matched betting is to make a profit and minimise the risk of losing money and so it’s reasonable to assume that matched bettors are interested in additional ways to lock in profits.

One way which has emerged lately is with the Trading212 sign up offer which allows you to claim a free share worth up to £100!


Claim your FREE share worth up to £100!Claim Offer Now


What is Trading212?

Trading212 is an investment and trading platform, allowing users to buy and sell shares with the aim of making a profit. The parent companies of Trading212 are authorized by the regulatory body, the FCA and complies with European regulations. For this offer, we won’t be using Trading212 to its full extent as we simply want to claim the free share but it’s good to know that they are considered a trustworthy and legit company.

Trading212 Sign Up Offer

Trading212 offer new customers a free share when signing up and making a deposit of £1 or more. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about buying and selling shares. Consider this similar to claiming a bookmaker offer where you are required to place a bet in order to claim a free bet. This offer is actually simpler than that as you simply have to register and deposit to receive your free share, then sell it and withdraw for a profit.

Your free share can be worth anything up to £100, making this a potentially very profitable offer. You won’t know what the value of your share is until you have signed up but we’ve seen good results ourselves and have heard nothing but positive feedback from others who have claimed the offer.

Steps to making a profit

Step 1: Register an account

Click here to visit Trading212 and sign up. Simply click on the ‘Open Account’ button as shown below and enter your details.


Note: Ensure that you tick the box to open an ‘Invest Account’ and not a CFD or ISA. Free shares are only given to new Invest accounts.

trading212 free share

Step 2: Make a deposit

You must fund your account in order to receive the free share. You can deposit as little as £1 but we recommend depositing around £5 in order to not seem as though you’re just depositing to claim the offer. However, many have deposited £1 and received the free share without any issues and so it’s acceptable if you wish to make the minimum deposit. You won’t be using your deposit to buy any shares and you will be withdrawing it along with the value of your share shortly after.

Step 3: Check how much your free share is worth

This is the exciting bit. Your free share should be visible in your account within a few hours and can be worth anything up to £100. Don’t be disheartened if it’s not the full £100 as profit is profit!

You’ll be able to view your free share in the ‘Pending Positions’ or ‘Open Positions’ of your account. When your share is in ‘Open Positions’, it is ready to be used.

open position

The image above shows what you need to click on to view your free share. The icon to the left shows your open positions and the icon to the right shows your pending positions.


Step 4: Sell your free share

Now that you have received your free share, you need to sell it in order to withdraw your original deposit as well as the value of your share. You won’t be able to sell your share immediately and will have to wait 3 days before doing so. Set a reminder to log back in and get ready to sell your share.

Once the 3 days has past, click on the ‘X’ button to sell your share. You’ll see it to the right of the open and pending position buttons as shown above.

Once you have confirmed you want to sell your share, it will take a couple of hours before it has sold. Again, check back in an hour or two and you will see that your available balance is your original deposit + the value of your sold share.

Step 5: Withdraw your funds

You now can simply withdraw your funds. Your profit will be whatever the value of your sold share was which could be anything up to £100.

This is an easy offer to complete and can be potentially very profitable. It’s been tried and tested by many matched bettors and we have heard of no negative responses to date.

Claim your FREE share today and make anywhere up to £100 profit!


Claim your FREE share worth up to £100!Claim Offer Now