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Twitch, the interactive live streaming platform recently made a change to what could be livestreamed. The Amazon-owned platform has banned videos that show gambling. While this ban is merely a partial one, it has specifically targeted slots and roulette. 

The ban is set to take place from 18th October 2022. It is thought that Twitch chose to ban slots and roulette as a means of helping to keep people safe. However, some of the most prominent streamers on the platform make gambling videos.

Streaming a roulette game, for example, could prove to be profitable for some. One user of the platform who goes by the name of “Trainwreckstv” is reported to receive more than $1 million a month. The funds are sent to the user so he can gamble with them and make the games look even more enticing. While this is a perfectly legitimate thing to do, it has caused some concern within the world of Twitch and some of its viewers. 

A Real Concern

There is a real concern that gambling can prove to be harmful to young users. There is also concern that streaming slot games and roulette will lower the site’s quality. Some Twitch users have reportedly threatened to leave the site temporarily in a bid to get their concerns noticed. 

However, as soon as the ban was put in place, many Twitch enthusiasts were more than happy. The platform is likely to be a safer place for people of all ages to visit as a result. This does not mean that people can’t go on enjoying a game of roulette. It simply means that they won’t be able to stream their games any more. 

Those who love to watch people play roulette may instead have to look elsewhere. There may be other video streaming platforms that allow players to broadcast their slot and roulette games to the world. For now, however, Twitch is not one of them. The platform has made it very clear that these casino games are no longer welcome. 

Best online roulette sites UK

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Information about why the sites in question are so good can be found on Profit Squad’s roulette page. This information could prove to be useful to those who have watched people play roulette via Twitch. Now that it’s unlikely that Twitch will ever stream roulette and slot games again, many may simply take up the games themselves. 

Gambling on Twitch

Gambling videos on Twitch have seemed to be a little contentious from time to time. However, in recent months more prominent streamers have staged a coup. They have been quite critical of the platform. There were some concerns that streaming slot and roulette games would encourage gambling. While some players were no doubt happy just to watch someone win, others may have been tempted to gamble. 

Gambling in the UK is not illegal. In fact, as long as a UK online casino is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), players can indulge in roulette safely. 

Making live streaming safer

Now that live streaming on Twitch has been made safer, those who use the platform can feel at ease. They are no longer supporting a platform that allegedly helped to promote gambling to the masses. 

Live streaming could be much safer meaning fewer children and vulnerable adults are at risk. What will the cost of this be? It’s hard to say. Some Twitch enthusiasts may have simply logged in to watch someone gamble. Now, they may have to find another platform. Alternatively, they could simply indulge in a few games of roulette and slots themselves. 

Not all types of gambling

While Twitch streamers can no longer video themselves playing slots or roulette, other types of gambling are still available. For example, to date, games of blackjack and poker can be streamed online. While games such as these may not seem as exciting as slots of roulette, they still involve gambling. People can still gamble their hard earned cash and lose it all. Those who are still a little too young to gamble legitimately may find an appeal in card games. Therefore, it does not seem to make sense that not all types of gambling have been banned. 

Keeping streamers happy

Perhaps those behind the Amazon-owned video streaming platform did what they could to keep viewers happy. After all, the mere act of removing roulette and slots seems to have caused a lot of happiness. However, as other types of gambling are still accessible, one wonders how long it will be before they too are banned.

Perhaps the banning of roulette and slots was a ploy to keep everyone happy. After all, removing both games from Twitch has meant the platform is safer for everyone. That may be until some lovers of roulette and slots choose to look for other forms of gambling. 

Only time will tell if additional forms of gambling will also be removed. It can depend on how much of a ruckus some of the most popular streamers cause. After all, if the most popular streamers threaten to leave the platform may be reduced to nothing. 

While card games don’t seem to be quite as exciting or as exhilarating as slots and roulette they can still cause potential issues. Until the most prominent streamers decide that they don’t like card games, it’s possible that Twitch could still stream them.