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Up to £400 Deposit Bonus

Partypoker is a great-looking website that has a lot to offer every player. While this site may not be one of the better-known sites, it is highly-rated and well worth spending time on. 

Here at Profit Squad, we take a close look at many online poker sites. We only ever review those sites that we’re impressed with. Partypoker is indeed one of these sites as it clearly has much to offer every player.

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Partypoker UK

Up to £400 Deposit Bonus




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UK Gambling Commission

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Overall Experience

Partypoker offers a lot to every player every time they log into their accounts. It’s a site that has clearly had a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Here’s a poker site that’s compatible with a lot of software and devices. This allows players to log in and play no matter their preferences or where they are. 

Partypoker is a very good poker site that seems to have a lot to offer every player. From an impressive welcome bonus and some great extra features, this is a site worth spending time on. 

Partypoker looks good thanks to the excellent graphics and wide selection of games. The brand itself has been around since 2001, and it looks as if it’s set to stay. The site is visited by 80,000 players. Although this is not the largest selection around, it shows that Partypoker is set to offer players a great time. 

Some of the pros and cons associated with Partypoker include:



How Profit Squad Creates Poker Site Reviews

Here at Profit Squad, we put a lot of work into researching poker sites. We want to make sure that players only ever access the best poker sites around. We also want players to avoid those sites that aren’t up to scratch and could possibly be illegal. 

We look at the following aspects of each poker site:

  • How well the site run
  • The site’s level of security and how the players are protected
  • If the site is licensed and which authority has licensed it
  • How many different types of poker are offered
  • What bonuses, promotions, and tournaments are offered 
  • How trustworthy the site is
  • What the reputation is like and if there are any issues
  • How many customer service contact options there are
  • How long it is likely to take for customer services to respond 
  • If the graphics are any good
  • How easy the site is to access and use 

As you can see, we put a lot of work into the research that we do. We think it’s important that we uncover as much as we can about each poker site that we come across. Only then, can we understand just how good (or bad) the site is. 

When we think a poker site is good we promote it. This is because we want you to be able to enjoy all that the site has to offer.

Partypoker Site Review

Partypoker UK offers players the chance to enjoy in excess of 600 games. This ensures that players can enjoy more poker than they thought possible. It also allows them to choose between a variety of games, should they wish to. With 600+ games up for grabs, players can potentially play a new game almost every time that they log into Partypoker. 

For a while, this site was quite popular in the United States. However, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act came into fruition in 2006. The Act meant that the site could no longer legally operate in the United States. However, this was not the end of Partypoker. The good news is that this great poker site is still very popular in the UK. 

Now part of Entain, one of the largest sports betting and gaming groups around the globe, Partypoker has much to offer. BetMGM, Bwin, Coral, and Ladbrokes are also part of Entain. In other words, players know that they’re in good hands every time they log in. 

Available Games 

Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud 8 or Better, Omaha Hi-Lo


The selection of games that’s available at Partypoker is good. The above games are some of the most-loved and classic poker games around. All credit to Partypoker for offering such games. It ensures that players can choose to play their favourite whenever they please. They can also try their hand at a few of the other types of poker as well. 

Software And Device Compatibility 

Android, Blackberry, Tablet, iPhone, Mac, PC, Windows, Windows Phone

Impressive Features

One of the great things about Partypoker is that it is compatible with a wide range of devices. Players can log into their accounts from almost any device out there. What this means is they don’t necessarily have to download an app, unless they really want to. 

Users of iPhones and Android devices are welcome to download an app, should they wish to. They can enjoy playing their favourite types of poker and have access to all of the site’s bonuses and promotions. This is very good as not every online poker site offers these options. If this was not enough, players can also enjoy their favourite games from wherever they are. As long as they have access to the internet, they can play poker. 

Another impressive feature that players may come across is known as “Team partypoker”. This is a team of elite players that represent the site at a range of live events. There don’t appear to be many if any teams like this that are connected with poker sites. If you weren’t already impressed by this, you may be impressed by the other feature. This feature is the Twitch Team that Partypoker seems to be happy to promote. The team consists of some of the world’s best poker streamers. 

The streamers create live videos of themselves playing poker and show the progress of their games. 

Security and Player Safety

Players who are worried about whether Partypoker is legitimate may be happy to know that it is. This poker site is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The UKGC is an authority that only ever gives a licence to the sites that have proven to be secure and fair. From time to time, the UKGC will carry out checks to see if the site is operating fairly. As long as Partypoker has a UKGC licence, players know that it’s secure and fair to play on. 

With regards to the level of security, Partypoker uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is a method of security that works to scramble a player’s data. As a result, hackers can find it very hard to access the data. 


Available Banking Options

Games Available 

Customer Service Contact Options 

Fully licensed and regulated

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, MuchBetter, Bank Transfer, and PayPal

Poker, Casino Games, Table Games

Live chat, Telephone Helpline, Email Form

Great bonuses

Speedy deposits and withdrawals

Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud 8 or Better, Omaha Hi-Lo


The Games Available at Partypoker IK

Partypoker UK offers players the chance to enjoy different types of games. These include:

Ring Games

Ring games include classic poker games such as Texas Hold’em,  Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. The games can range between fixed limit, to no limit, and pot limit games.

Sit N Go

Partypoker offers players the chance to enjoy some Sit N Go poker games. Players can take a look at the range of buy-ins that are available. They can choose which buy-ins to opt for before they play.

Sit N Go games are easy to understand. They don’t have a specific start time. Rather, as soon as there are enough players the game will begin. Prizes will be handed out to the last 3 players still standing at the end of a game. 


Partypoker has a very impressive range of tournaments.  Players can choose between the following tournaments:

  • Daily Legends

Players can now take part in daily tournaments, should they wish to. At the time of writing (August 2022), the buy-ins ranged from a few pounds and more. There are 14 different daily tournaments, which is certainly impressive, offering players more opportunities to play than they 


  • Omaha Daily Legends

Another type of tournament is the Omaha Daily Legends. Buy-ins are quite low and some Omaha Daily Legends run multiple times a day. 

  • Tournament Series

The Tournament Series consists of a range of tournaments that seem to appeal to all. Players can have the chance to play from home or at a live event. The buy-ins for the tournaments can be quite high. However, the prizes can be incredibly high and potentially be worth millions. 

The games that are on offer at Partypoker include: 

  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Omaha Poker
  • Seven Card Stud
  • Seven Card Stud 8 or Better
  • Omaha Hi-Lo

Each of these games is very popular. Players all over the UK love to indulge themselves in the above games. All credit to Partypoker for offering them. With different methods and different prize amounts, the above games are likely to keep players coming back for more. 

Banking Options

Banking options

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, MuchBetter, Bank Transfer, and PayPal

Withdrawal time

From 2-5 working days

Partypoker offers players the chance to deposit and withdraw cash using the following options: 

Bank Transfer casino payment method

Bank Transfer

Mastercard casinos logo




Maestro casinos logo


Visa casinos logo




PayPal casinos logo


There are no fees associated with players depositing cash into their accounts. However, there may be some fees associated with withdrawing cash. If a withdrawal method charges fees it is not the fault of Partypoker. Rather, the withdrawal method will set the fee. 

Players should note that they may not be able to withdraw funds using their chosen deposit method. They will, therefore, need to look for an alternative withdrawal option. The good news is that there are plenty of withdrawal methods to choose from.  

Deposit Limits

The minimum deposit limit at Partypoker is £10 for each of the methods. This is quite a low figure. All credit to Partypoker for having such a low deposit limit. Some poker sites have a minimum limit of £20. The low deposit limit means that players don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to have a good time. 

The maximum deposit limit for each of the methods is not stated. This potentially means that Partypoker does not have a set deposit limit. However, it’s likely that each of the payment methods does. Some maximum deposit limits might be as low as £2,000, others could be £20,000. Players should contact the company that issues the payment method to find out what the limit is. 

Withdrawing Money

When players wish to withdraw money they need to have at least £10 in their accounts. Depending on what method players use, it can take between 2-5 working days for the money to reach a player’s account. This is very good as some online poker sites take as much as 9 working days. 

Customer Support

Partypoker offers players a chance to reach out to customer services in 3 different ways. Players have a 24-hour live chat option to choose from, a telephone helpline, and an email form. 

  • Live chat

As far as the live chat feature is concerned, players can ask for help whenever they need it. While it can take a little too long to respond, players are likely to receive a response quicker than using other methods. 

  • Telephone helpline 

Should a player wish to speak to someone on the phone they can call 00800-7278-9100. This is the number that is given on the website. Players who ring this number can be kept waiting up to 20 minutes before a call is answered. This is the usual amount of time to wait. 

  • Email form 

Should a player wish to email the customer service team, they can email them here: It can take up to 2 working days to receive a response by email. This is the usual amount of time that players have to wait. When sending an email, players will need to give their name, email address, and date of birth. Players are also asked to upload a photo of their issue. 

Players are occasionally expected to wait a little longer than usual to receive a response. However, the response is usually satisfactory. It’s clear that the customer service team works hard to keep players happy. 

Bonuses and Promotions


  • Party Mix

Players can receive a prize when playing poker if they are dealt an Ace-Queen or an Ace-King. Prizes include spin tickets to be used on specific spin games. Alternatively, they may also be offered a free entry to some tournaments. 

  • Spins leaderboard

Players can join a leaderboard if they qualify. The points can be gained by playing a few spin games. The higher players place on the leaderboard the more PS (Party dollars) they can win. 

  • All-In cashout

This promotion allows players to lock in their profits based on the odds that they will win the money in the prize pot. Players will be shown an All-in Cashout button. Should a player wish to cash out, they will have to pay a 1% fee. 

  • Super Daily Legends

Super Daily Legends involves players being offered the chance to enjoy playing tournaments. Mini and micro versions of different poker games can be enjoyed. There is also a chance for players to win real cash prizes.

  • Omaha Daily Legends

Players can enjoy reaping the rewards that come with playing Omaha. With events held every day, players can enjoy choosing from multiple prize pools. Every prize pool involves players enjoying a game or two of Omaha. With low buy-ins and prize pools, players can win real money. 

  • Club Games

Not a lot of online poker sites offer players the chance to play against their friends. However, Partypoker lets players set up their own club and enjoy a few cash games. 

  • Diamond Club

The SPINS Diamond Club exists to reward players who spend a lot of money at Partypoker. Those who join the club can receive up to 60% cashback. In addition to this, they can make use of 24-hour support lines and weekly cashback rewards. If this was not enough, players can also enjoy participating in live poker events, should they wish to. 


  • Welcome bonus

Players can receive 100% of their deposit back. The minimum deposit amount is £10, and players can receive up to £400. Players will receive the deposit in 10% increments over a period of 90 days. 


  • Sign up bonus

In addition to the welcome bonus, players can also receive up to £40 in free play. The £40 of free play will be paid out over a period of 6 days. Each day, players will receive P$10 (10 party dollars). P$60 is worth £40 and allows players to enjoy free spins and take part in some tournaments. 


Players should note that the above promotions and bonuses were offered at the time of writing (August 2022) and are subject to change. Players should visit for more updated information. 


Some of the disadvantages of Partypoker are as follows: The customer service team may not respond quite as quickly as players would hope. This is something that the site does need to deal with. Happy customers are more likely to come back again. If players receive a quick response to their queries they will be happier. 

Another disadvantage of visiting Partypoker is that players need to spend a lot of money to take part in the Diamond Club. not every player can afford to spend a lot of money. Only those who can are likely to receive some of the coveted rewards.


Here at Profit Squad, we are more than happy to promote Partypoker. This is a website that offers a lot to every player. Operating for many years, this site is perhaps one of the best out there. Players can enjoy choosing from a good variety of games and a great variety of bonuses and promotions. 

Partypoker looks good and it certainly seems to be happy to keep players entertained. With so much to offer everyone, it is surprising that this poker site is not one of the most popular. However, there is always a chance that more people will see how good Partypoker is and enjoy all that it has to offer.