We caught up with one of Profit Squad’s annual members, Rob, to talk about his matched betting journey from the beginning and find out what his experience has been like so far.


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Hi Rob, tell us a little bit about yourself:

Rob Jones, self-employed living in Devon. BoG standard bloke with wife and multiple kids.


How long have you been matched betting?

2 and half years off and on.


What originally made you join ProfitSquad and how did you hear about us?

I was matched betting before my mate mentioned your service via a friend of his. Part of the skydiving fraternity.


How has your experience been so far?

Matched Betting has great overall. It’s like a never-ending walk on the moors. It has some rain sometimes, and you can get lost, but generally, you keep going up and up.

If you are after more specific opinion on PS. Then I have a bit more to say!

I have used your service to great effect and I don’t subscribe to any others. The cash I have made has enabled me to put some things in place that I would never have managed without your help and service. Really, PS has been fantastic for me.

BUT – there has been a few changes lately that I’ve not enjoyed quite so much. I am talking mostly about Discord. The setup was very exciting and well managed. The benefits I can see and it has good purposes BUT I am finding it takes a lot of my time. And that is because I don’t see Mods in there helping the newbies very much. So some of the more experienced members are helping newbies and that is taking our time. I know I don’t have to do this, but I also know others feel the same way. So what my feeling around discord is, is that we are left to manage on our own in a way that the forum didn’t.  

What I would like to see is more interaction from mods, particularly in the sports channel. Dutching is well managed by Ben and casino tend to just get on with things, but sports isn’t well looked after in my view. That’s all!


How much profit do you make roughly each month from matched betting?

£1500~ 2000


Do you know what your total matched betting profits are?

Hmmm. Nope. £40,000?


What do you spend your matched betting profits on?

I save it for my tax bill and what’s left over is saving for a house.


How much time per week do you spend matched betting and how do you fit it into your current lifestyle with work/family etc?

40 hours at least. It’s a real burden on my family tbh. But I am hammering it so I can get to a certain amount of cash for putting a decent deposit down on a house. In summer I will pull it in a bit.

I have a very understanding wife and I would suggest anyone looking to take this seriously needs to get the support of their other halves so that they can enjoy the benefits together. It is a second job if you want to make serious money. It fits well with my self employed status.


What are the main offers which you focus on, on a weekly basis or when they’re available? 

Anything low risk. Avoid ACO’s now. I concentrate only on about 8 different bookies, have multiple accounts with most of them.


Roughly how much of your time is spent between casino and sports offers?

80% sports.


Roughly, what percentage of your profit is generated between casino and sports offers?

Interesting but probably 80% sports


How has ProfitSquad helped you in your matched betting journey?

Immensely. The support has been great, but I would say that I wouldn’t find it so enjoyable if I was coming in as a newbie now. Discord, you see – it’s not for newbies – I think you’re not retaining members because of it.  I just see people come and go on Discord.


What do you like most about ProfitSquad?

The innovations, new techniques. But most of all – timbot! (valued Profit Squad member)


What tips would you give to someone who is considering starting matched betting?

  1. Have a separate bank account.
  2. Make use of all the sign-ups but don’t feel like you need to use all of the accounts for matched betting (concentrate your efforts on the top bookies).
  3. Don’t worry about mistakes that lead to a loss – we all do it.
  4. Don’t be scared to ask questions.
  5. Don’t think you can make £20,000 in your first year.
  6. ACO’s are high risk – don’t attempt them unless you are happy losing for long periods of time.


What are your goals for 2019?

To stabilise my betting behaviour (I’m doing every offer I can find and need to make better use of my time) and get a regular pattern of MB-ing in place. Essentially I need to manage my time better.

Anything else you’d like to add that you think may be beneficial to readers?

MB-ing can change your life. It can also take over your life. If you want to earn big money, there is time involved to MB for profit on a regular basis.


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