When you first start matched betting it can be exciting. You’re making easy money from bookmaker sign up offers and watching the profit roll in. Some choose to spend these profits on things such as holidays, cars, beer money or simply to live a more comfortable lifestyle. However, the smart thing to do is to save this money and build up a bank for when you have completed all of the new customer offers. Having a large sized bank allows you to participate in more offers and experiment with additional strategies such as extra places, each way dutching and advantage play offers. Some of these strategies require you to have a larger bank as it allows you to make more profit each time.

The larger your bank = The more profit you can make

One reason many people give up matched betting after completing the sign-up offers is that they believe there isn’t as much profit to be made. This is a common misconception and is entirely untrue. In fact, many matched bettors make significantly more profit with advantage play offers, casino offers and dutching in the months after completing the sign up offers. All of which can return huge profits providing you have a big enough bank.

So, what do you do if you realise the potential of life after sign-up offers but have spent your profits?

The answer is to rebuild your bank.

This may seem a tough ask considering that you’ve done the majority of the signup offers which are easy money. However, it’s perfectly achievable and below we’ve given you some options to get started rebuilding your bank.

1. Risk-Free Only

As you’re starting afresh with a small bank, you can’t afford to risk losing any money with advantage play offers and so for now, stick only to offers with no-risk until you have built your bank up to a comfortable level where you can start to take small risks. There are plenty of risk-free offers about that can return a profit. Yes, these offers may not make you £20-£30 like some new customer offers but do enough of them and they’ll add up.

Offers such as ‘Bet £10 on Man Utd v Arsenal & get a £5 free bet’ can return around £3 profit and these type of offers are available every week from a number of bookmakers.

2. Free Spins

You may not have delved into the world of casino offers yet and if not, now may be the time. Avoid any offers which require you to make a deposit and stick to the risk-free offers for now. These generally consist of free spins or a bonus for signing up. They usually come with high wagering requirements and winnings caps but they’re a chance to make a profit for nothing. Casinos such as Pots Of Gold offer a £1,000 deposit bonus but for now, stick to the no-deposit offers while your bank is low. Take a look at the casino section of ProfitSquad or do a Google search for ‘no deposit free spins/bonuses’ and you’ll find plenty of options.

3. Organise your inbox

If you’ve completed the signup offers at a number of bookmakers then it’s likely you’ll be getting emailed profitable offers with the aim of enticing you back. These emails can easily get lost among your personal and work emails so if you haven’t done so already, create a new email address and update all of your bookmaker accounts. Having all of your emailed offers in one place makes it much easier to browse them each day and pick out the ones from which you can lock in a profit.

4. Check all of your accounts

Take an hour or so to log into each of your bookmaker accounts and check the balances. You may find funds that you have forgotten about or bets which have won that you are unaware of. Trust me, it happens more often than you think.

5. Price boosts

Price boosts are offered regularly by many bookmakers and a lot of the time you’re able to lock in a profit by simply laying the boost. Again, these profits are generally quite low but they all add up over time and are available daily. One boost a day which makes you £1 profit is £30 over the course of a month and 10% of a £300 target.

6. Lock-in offers

Offers such as ‘Bet & Get’, Free Spins, Price boosts etc which have been mentioned above, are all offers from which you can lock in a profit. There are many more of these types of offers about. ACCA Insurance offers are another example if you use the ‘Lock In’ Method. If you’re using ProfitSquad, you can filter the offers on the calendar to only display offers from which you can lock in a profit from. Stick to these and you’ll soon see your profits grow.

7. ‘New’ New Customer Offers

New bookmakers are popping up all of the time and depending on when you last checked the latest list on ProfitSquad, it’s likely that there will be some you that haven’t claimed yet. These offers can be easy money and can give your bank a big boost quickly. Be sure to take a look at the new customer offer list on a regular basis and mark any that you have claimed as ‘done’ to easily find the ones which you haven’t.

8. Bet Clubs

Bet clubs are often overlooked but can return a consistent profit every month. A number of bookmakers reward customers with free bets on a weekly basis for placing a certain amount of bets throughout the week. You have the entire week to find good matches to qualify for the free bets and so there is no reason not to get on them. Weekly profits from each bookmaker may only be a few pounds but with so many bookmakers offering them, they can provide a good boost to your profits.

9. Make a plan

Starting fresh with a small bank can be daunting and initially, it may seem like you’ll never be able to make profits like you did with the sign-up offers. However, putting a plan together can put everything in perspective. Set yourself targets and do your best to hit them. Be realistic though. You’re not going to make £1,000 in your first month getting back into matched betting with a small bank. Aim for £300-£500 in your first month which works out as around £10 – £17 per day. You should be able to do this with risk-free bookmaker & casino offers along with a number of bet clubs. Be dedicated and ensure you meet your targets in the first month.

10. Cashback

You’re able to claim cashback by signing up to a number of casinos and bookmakers through websites such as Quidco and TopCashback. These offers may seem risky initially but when you factor in the cashback you’ll receive, many of them provide a risk-free way of making a lot of profit. Offers such as ‘sign up, deposit & wager £20 and receive £20 cashback’ are common. Your deposit is covered by the cashback you’ll receive and anything you make from the wagering is profit!


Getting back into matched betting with a small bankroll is entirely possible as there are profits to be made every day. Make a plan and stick to it and you’ll see your profits grow each month. If you’re dedicated then there is no reason why you can’t be earning £500+ within the space of a couple of months providing you reinvest your profits to accumulate more profit.

Remember that the ProfitSquad support team are more than happy to help and so if you have any questions or would like some guidance as to which offers you should be doing to rebuild your bankroll, drop us a line.