Some of us like to place our bets close to the start time of the game or race. There are many advantages of this as you have a better idea of facetors such as weather conditions, which players will feature, injuries, current form and more. However, there are also advantages of placing your bet well in advance which is what we’ll be looking at in this article.

What Is An Ante Post Bet?

Ante post bets are bets placed in advance of the event starting. In horse racing, an ante post bet is considered to be a bet that is placed before the final declarations of the race which is usually 24-48 hours being the scheduled start time. However, they can be placed on any sport and many ante post bets are placed several weeks, months or even years in advance. For example, an ante post bet may be a bet on next years winner of the Cheltenham Gold Cup or on next seasons Premier League winner.

Many bookmakers such as the ones found at take bets on future events. You’ll usually find these in these individual sports categories under ‘Future’ or ‘Specials’.

Advantages of Ante Post Bets

The main advantage of ante post bets is that you are often able to get bigger odds compared to if you wait until closer to the time of the event. This is because you are taking a bigger risk placing your bet in advance as you have less information.

For example, if you were placing a bet on the winner of next years Grand National, the horse you have selected may get injured or may not get selected to even run in the race. Therefore, there is a reasonable chance that your bet could lose without your horse even competing.

The same applies to any ante post bet in that you have less information when placing it in advance and so you are generally offered bigger odds to compensate for this risk.

Another advantage of ante post bets is that they’re generally more exciting. If you had a bet on next seasons Premier League winner, each game that is played throughout the season will have an impact on the outcome of your bet which can result in a thrilling season.

Disadvantages of Ante Post Bets

The obvious disadvantage of ante post bets is the reason why you are offered bigger odds – The Risk.

This risk can be reduced by waiting closer to the start time of the event but generally the odds offered will coinside with the risk.

Ante post bets on football markets are generally considered less risky than on sports such as horse racing but then horse racing ante post markets can be at much bigger odds.

Another disadvantage is that your money is tied up with the bookmaker or betting exchange for the duration of your bet.

A season long bet on a Premier League market will mean that your funds are with the bookie for 9 months and a bet on the next Olympics may mean that you will not see that money again for another 4 years!

You have to consider whether those funds will be better used elsewhere during that time or if you think it is worth the risk.

Ante Post Safety Net

Ante post bets are most common on horse racing and one way to eliminate the risk of losing your bet because your horse doesn’t run is to bet with a bookmaker offering Non Runner No Bet (NRNB).

When NRNB is available for ante post bets, you will receive your stake back (either as a free bet or cash) should your horse not run for any reason.

Non Runner No Bet is a great chance to take advantage of the bigger odds you can get with ante post bets but eliminate the risk of losing your stake should your horse not run.