The Gambling Commission have announced that with effect from May 7th this year online gambling operators will have to verify the age and identity details for customers faster. This move should benefit customers and put an end to the practice adopted by some online bookmakers and casinos of demanding additional identity information when customers attempt to withdraw their winnings.

Last year the Gambling Commission looked into this practice after it noted that 15% of complaints to its contact centre were about online gambling companies unnecessarily delaying or refusing to payout unless certain forms of ID were produced.  

The new rules mean that online bookmakers and casinos must complete all verification checks before a customer can make a deposit, place a bet either with their own money or bonus funds or even before they can play free-to-play versions of gambling games.

The current position is that customers can make deposits and place bets for up to 72 hours

whilst the operator carries out the age verification checks. However, the customer cannot generally withdraw funds in this period.

The Gambling Commission has stated that the new rules will also require Online operators to inform customers before they deposit of any further information and/or identity documents that might be required and the circumstances in which they will ask for it.

The Gambling Commission is the body responsible for making gambling in the UK fair and safe and these new terms are generally good news for all customers especially those engaged in matched betting who will use a wide range of gambling sites often many times per day and depositing and withdrawing on a very frequent basis.

Should any customers have a dispute or wish to make a complaint with an Online Operator they should check our previous article on Bookmaker and Casino complaints here:


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