How an Acca Bonus Works and Why It Matters: Sports Betting Guide

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Acca bonuses are a great way of helping players to make even more of their bets. Instead of players receiving their money back when they lose a bet, they will receive some bonus winnings. However, the bonus winnings will only be received when every single leg of the acca wins. 

Players should note that it’s unlikely that they will be offered an acca bonus as well as insurance. What this means is that players will need to find a bookmaker that offers what they’re looking for. 

What Is An Acca Boost?

As we have already seen, an acca boost ensures players win a bonus on top of their wins. Some sites will offer a 5% boost for trebles and up to 20% for a 6-fold acca bet. There may even be some sites that will offer up to 100% for an acca boost that consists of 15 or more bets. 

Players should be aware that there is likely to be a limit on how much they can receive. Some sites offer up to £5,000, others offer more. Players may also be pleased to know that acca bonuses tend to be given as cash rather than a free bet. In other words, players can spend the money as they please. They may be limited to spending the cash at the casino in question, however. In any case, they are still likely to have a lot of money to enjoy spending. 

The Most Common Acca Boost Rules

Every acca boost will come with a few rules that players need to abide by. The rules aren’t too complicated and they tend to be based on the betting markets in question. 

These rules are:

  • Minimum odds – Some online bookmakers may place minimum odds on the whole acca or individual legs. Some online bookmakers may even choose to add minimum odds on both but this is very rare. 

  • Eligible Bets – In order for players to be eligible for an acca boost players will need to make use of the approved markets. For example, if you wish to use an acca boost on football bets you’ll need to place bets on approved football matches. Players should note that they cannot receive an acca boost on more than one sport at a time. 

  • Number of legs – Bonuses will always be paid out depending on the number of legs that have won. If a 6-fold bet has been placed and 1 leg was made void, a bonus will be paid for 5 legs. 

  • Maximum payout – Every acca bonus out there will come with a maximum payout. These work to make sure that the online bookmaker doesn’t end up paying out too much money. Players can take advantage of this by only placing an acca bet that falls within the limit of the bonus 


All of these rules are relatively easy to understand and they can help to make betting even more fun. Players should make sure that they read the terms and conditions that a site sets out before they place a bet. The terms and conditions can be slightly different depending on the site in question. 

How Acca Bonuses Work

Acca bonuses work in a completely different way from acca insurance. An acca bonus works by paying out extra money on the bets, should they win. One of the best things about this type of bet is that they can result in players having much bigger winnings. Acca bets are known to be quite lucrative at times. When you add even a 10% bonus on top of winnings players could end up with an even bigger sum. 

It’s this incentive that helps to keep players coming back for more.

The Size Of Acca Bonuses

 The bonus a player receives will depend on how many selections they make. Below, you will find a table that shows the average bonus per number of legs.

Number of Legs

Estimated bonus





























The more selections that a player makes the higher the bonus that they could receive. Players should note that the bonuses they could receive may differ between online bookmakers. Some may offer more or less than shown in the above table. They should, therefore, take a look at the bonus that’s offered by the bookmaker in question. 

The Number Of Legs

The number of legs that are found in an acca can depend on the site in question. Most online bookmakers offer players accas that start with 3 legs. Others offer at least 4 or 5 legs, some offer even more. 

Players should note that they may have to place at least 3 different bets in order to receive an acca boost. Every site will mention how many legs an acca bet needs to have before the bonus kicks in. When players know how many legs they need to make use of the boost, bets can prove to be more profitable.

Bonus and Payout Limits

Every acca comes with a bonus and payout limit. These limits make sure that the online bookmaker does not pay out too much money. However, these limits are ideal for players as they can help them to make the most of their bets. 

When a player knows how much the limits are they can adjust their bets. For example, there will be no point in a player placing a £2,000 bet if the bonus is limited to £1,500. With this information, players can lower their bets and potentially lose less money. 

Acca bonuses matter because they clearly offer players the chance to receive even more money. While accas can often be quite hard to win, when a player is successful they can pay out quite well. If there is an acca bonus on top of the win it means the player’s win can turn out to be quite lucrative.