Matched betting can be a great way to make money in your spare time and most people start their matched betting journey by taking advantage of the free bets and sports offers which are offered by bookmakers to both new and existing customers. 

Matched bettors are able to generate a profit from a number of different sports offers with the most common being free bets. Free bets are relatively easy to profit from as they simply require you to back and lay a bet in order to lock in a profit regardless of the outcome. There are also several other betting offers from which it’s possible to profit from. Some of these include:

Price boosts: If the lay odds for the bet are lower than the boosted odds, you can create an arb and lock in a profit by backing the boost and laying it on a betting exchange.

Refunds: By using the ‘free bet on loss’ setting on the Profit Squad matched betting calculator, you’re often able to lock in a profit if your bet wins and receive a free bet refund if it loses from which you can return an overall profit.

Extra Places: By backing a horse each way in race which a bookmaker is offering extra places on and then laying both the win and place part of the each way bet on a betting exchange, you can return a profit if your horse finishes in one of the additional places.

Dutching: A slightly more advantaged strategy which involves covering several outcomes of an event with different bookmakers. If the odds are in your favour, you can return a profit on most, if not all outcomes.

As you can see, there are several sports offers from which you can profit from using matched betting and these offers are usually available on a daily basis with many online bookmakers. 

Casino Offers

Another type of offer which is available daily are casino offers. 

We recommend that you get used to profiting from sports offers before starting with casino offers as you will gain a better understanding of Expected Value and variance which has a biggest impact when doing casino offers.

There are many casino offers available every day from various bookmakers and casinos and they come in various forms such as free spins, cashback and casino bonuses. The best online casino bonus may not be the biggest one as there are a lot of factors to consider.

Unlike with many sports offers from which you are able to determine your profit before even placing your bets, profit from casino offers is a little bit harder to predict. At least in the short term.

Casino games such as blackjack, roulette and slots all have an RTP (Return To Player) which is how much on average they pay back to the player based on how much is wagered. 

For example, if a casino game had an RTP of 96% like many slot games have, this means that it will pay out £96 on average for every £100 which is wagered on it. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you will win £96 every time you wager £100 as casino games have variance. This means that sometimes you will win more and sometimes less but if you played the game indefinitely, you would receive back 96% of your wagers.

Despite a profit not being guaranteed on every casino offer, many are still worth doing providing that that have a positive Expected Value. 

The Expected Value is the average profit/loss you will make from the offer if you did it an infinite number of times. So long as you one do casino offers which have a positive Expected Value, you will end up in profit in the long-term.

When first starting out with casino offers, we recommend only doing low-risk casino offers. These are offers with relatively low-variance and ones which have a relatively low risk. 

High-risk casino offers are also widely available from many casinos but these should only be undertaken by those with a lot of experience and understanding of variance. You will also need a relatively large bank to make a success of high-risk casino offers.

Profit Squad calculates the Expected Value (EV) of every casino offer we list in the members area and provide the tools, such as our Advanced Casino Calculator, needed to calculate the EV for offers we don’t list such as personalised or targeted offers only you may receive.

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