The stock market may be volatile, and 2020 did its best to showcase this trait. Many companies found themselves plunging in share value, but few were as affected as casino firms. The closure of land-based clubhouses and the inaccessibility of leisure quarters were a significant hit. Although the situation tends towards stabilization nowadays, we recommend investing primarily in online casinos. They should not be online-only – in fact, many gambling giants operate both on the web and off it. 

What are our recommendations, then?

Top online casinos

The easiest way to find your picks is to look at the top-rated gambling websites. Generally, they belong to gigantic corporations, which delve both into sports betting and casino-style play. But how do you decide what websites are the best? The safest bet is to browse review sites – those written by experts will certainly help you make up your mind. Also, often, reviewers include financial info. Our recommendation is to check out this website presenting the leading casinos that are available online, in glorious detail.

The best three companies

Our selection was not a piece of cake, but we ended up with these three companies. Even though the stocks had to suffer at some point, we appreciated the stability, market value and revenue associated with these brands.

William Hill Plc

William Hill is the go-to example for bookmaker-turned-multipurpose-casino. With numerous land-based locations and sponsorships, the conglomerate earned over £1 billion in revenue. On the Londoner stock market, it appears as part of the FTSE 250 index, making it one of the highest-valued 350 companies in the LTSE. Furthermore, few casino companies rank as high, and those reaching the FTSE 100 are even scarcer.

Why recommend it over a top 100 contender, though? We appreciate its stability throughout 2020. Although March of last year represented a dip in its share price, the crisis was soon averted. Then, the costs increased steadily, reaching the highest point in September 2020. In early 2021, numbers show that a William Hill stock values £270, and the plateau it has reached marks a period of full-on stability.

Flutter Plc

Now, we are heading towards heavier-hitters. Flutter Plc is the result of continuous mergers, the most significant being with The Stars Group, which was already impressive on its own. The merging action was worth £12.2 billion and further cemented Flutter’s status as an FTSE 100 name.

Compared to William Hill, Flutter Plc has gone through higher spikes, as well as lower lows. However, after the staggering plunge in early 2020, it managed to rise back up, and at the moment, the share price stands at $208.

Las Vegas Sands

We will now switch to a different stock market: the ever-so-famous NYSE. Multiple experts cite Las Vegas Sands as one of the top casinos to invest in, and for a good reason. This clubhouse differs from the other two, as it does not compete with other brands online. However, we must applaud its management for a land-only casino and the high income it managed to maintain. The company has accrued over $13 billion in annual sales. Also, checking a year’s worth of stock prices led us to a surprising discovery: LVS has been on an ascending route.

Even though it also dipped in March, like the other names on the list, it has only grown since then. Now, it’s at the highest stock price it has ever had during the last 12 months: over $60 per share.

All in all

A stock market investment is a bet in and of itself, especially if you are newer to this activity. However, the three casino companies we have listed above generally show stability. More than that, they offer a massive opportunity for progress, even when the odds seem to be against them.