When matched betting, we often know how much profit we will make before we have even placed our bets. This is the beauty of matched betting with free bets and other sports betting offers. However, this isn’t the case with casino offers.

Casino offers work differently as you can’t predict how much profit you will make on any individual offer. Instead, we calculate the EV (Estimated Value) of an offer which will give us the average profit we would make if we played that offer an infinite number of times. Sometimes you’ll hit a big win with an offer and sometimes you’ll make a loss but so long as the EV is positive, you have the edge over the casino.

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On Profit Squad, we list dozens of casino offers every single day and show members the best strategies for extracting maximum EV from them. Just a few weeks ago, one Profit Squad member was completing an offer and wagering on the ‘Book of Dead’ slot when they hit a bonus round on a £5 stake. From just one spin on the bonus round, the member won a staggering £25,000 resulting in an overall return from of the bonus round of £25,272.50!

“I was numb for a minute, then elated”

matched betting big win

Of course, wins like this don’t come around every day. However, there have been other big wins reported in the Profit Squad community with another member topping this win by pocketing £26k which happened to be on the same game!

The big win came from taking advantage of one of the many 100% deposit offers from online casinos. The member decided to deposit £60 for a £60 bonus and was playing with £5 stakes as advised by the strategies available on Profit Squad.

During wagering, the bonus round was triggered on ‘Book of Dead’, a high variance slot which is capable of huge wins. On the bonus round, players are assigned one symbol at random which in this case was the ‘Explorer’ symbol – the highest paying symbol on the game. The bonus round consists of 10 free spins and if the assigned symbol lands, they expand covering the entire reel of which they are on. On one of the free spins, the Explorer symbol landed on all 5 reels resulting in a full screen of Explorer symbols, paying a whopping £25k from a single spin!

The member finished the bonus round with a total win of £25,272.50 and has plans to pay off the remainder of their mortgage with their winnings.

“I had about 15k left on the mortgage, I will pay it off”

A number of big wins have been reported by Profit Squad members over the years but this is one of the biggest and it’s always good to see members exceeding their EV targets on offers.

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