All football tournaments aren’t made equal, and some get the blood pumping in a way that nothing else does. Betting on these tournaments can be exhilarating, especially if you’re choosing two teams to score. In this article, we’ll examine the most unmissable football tournaments around the world.

FIFA World Cup

There is no tournament bigger than the world cup period. This showpiece takes place every four years and brings together all the world’s best teams to battle it out for the championship. The 2018 world cup was watched by over three billion people worldwide and is commonly seen as the pinnacle of world football. Advertisers adore the competition, and sports betting websites gain incredible traffic whenever the competition is on.

UEFA Champions League

The champions league pits Europe’s biggest teams against each other in a tournament that is renowned for its prestige and elegance. The Champions League takes place every year and features the top teams from European countries. In addition to its popularity, the respect that the competition’s winners obtain is second to none. For instance, Real Madrid is considered the juggernaut it is today because of its success in the Champions League. Conversely, teams like PSG and Manchester City aren’t given the respect they feel they deserve because of their lack of Champions League wins.

UEFA European Championships

First held in 1958, the European championships, just like the world cup, is held every four years and is considered one of the top football competitions in the world. This is because of the caliber of teams that partake in the competition, and since Europe is considered the strongest footballing continent, a competition featuring its heavyweights is sure to garner some attention.

COPA America

This is like the European championships, but for the Americas. This competition is quite prestigious as it features some of the best teams in world football, including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, etc. In addition, South America is well known for its footballing flair which adds an extra amount of spice to the competition.

COPA Libertadores

The Copa Libertadores is quite similar to the Champions League, but instead of featuring European countries, South American takes center stage. The competition is incredibly popular, and it is held in high esteem by most South American countries. More so, the competition has been in place since the 1960s, and it isn’t uncommon to meet a South American player claiming to consider winning the competition as a dream come true.

UEFA Europa League

The Europa league is the uglier sister to the Champions League, which some people unfairly malign. The Europa League used to be known as the UEFA cup before undergoing a name change in 2009. It caters to some of the best teams in Europe, but doesn’t have anywhere near the prestige of the Champions League. However, some steps have been taken in recent years to increase the competition’s importance, including providing a Champions league slot for the winner of the Europa League.

To sum up, there are many other competitions, including the African Cup of Nations, Club World Cup, Confederations Cup, and so on. While these tournaments aren’t as prestigious as those mentioned above, they add to football’s complex tapestry.