2020 has been a monumental year, not just in the gambling and casino industries, but everywhere. This year isn’t one that anyone is likely to forget anytime soon.  

However, 2020 is nearly over. It’s only natural to ask what the future will hold for casino online. You’re not the only one to wonder; everyone, including our expert Péter Deli, is speculating what will happen. 

Luckily, the gambling and casino industry has some surprises to look forward to for players in Hungary. 

VR Gambling

There can be little question that VR (virtual reality) gambling is on the rise. VR will allow players to experience the fun and sense of connection that comes with playing in a physical casino. 

Casinos and providers alike are eager to explore all the possibilities of this new gambling method. It’s likely we’ll see a move towards the popularisation of VR gambling.

The Spread of Mobile Gambling 

Mobile gambling was by no means the standard gambling method just a few years ago. But in the age of the smartphone, the popularity of mobile gambling keeps growing in leaps and bounds.

Most casinos now have their own app. Even those without an app will generally have a mobile version of their site. In the year to come, there will likely be a continuing increase in mobile gambling.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is becoming steadily more popular in online casinos. It’s not complicated to understand why this is the case. Cryptocurrency offers anonymity and security, two things that online gamblers prize.  

Accordingly, an increasing number of casinos have begun accepting cryptocurrency as a valid payment option. The casino trends of 2021 will likely continue moving in this direction, further normalizing the use of various forms of cryptocurrency in casinos. 

Online Gambling Increases

According to the expert  Péter Deli (view his profile), it’s not that daring to suggest that online gambling will continue to expand its reach. Online gambling has had a massive following of fans for some time, after all. There are even sites designed to help find casinos online tailored to you, such as this one for players in Hungary.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has offered a strong motivation for gamblers to favour online gambling to real casinos, even if it wasn’t their preferred way of gambling. Consequently, it seems likely that the gambling trends of 2021 will reflect this.

Expansion of E-Sports betting 

With the increase in mobile gambling popularity, it’s quickly becoming more efficient to place sports bets from home via the internet. The older and more traditional methods of betting are fading away. 

As a result, the process of e-sports betting will probably become increasingly digitised during the next year. This digitisation process may lead to e-sports betting seeing a new spike in popularity. 

Upgrades in Current Gaming

No form of entertainment can afford to be stagnant given the current circumstances. Casino industry statistics suggest gambling is no exception to this rule. Without frequent updates, there’s the ever-looming danger that players will get bored and leave. 

The best solution to that particular risk is prevention. Thus, games over the next year will need to find fresh ways to capture—and critically maintain—players’ interest. There are countless ways to accomplish this, including emphasising skill over luck and introducing fun new features in games. 


This year has been extraordinarily challenging for many industries. However, it can be encouraging to peek ahead into the future and catch a glimpse of better things: VR gambling, an increase in cryptocurrency usage, upgrades, and so much more. For the gambling and casino industry, tomorrow is looking bright.