The UK’s Best Bingo Sites

At Profit Squad, we know that you only ever want to find the best online bingo sites around. We, therefore, do what we can to make sure you have access to the best bingo online. How do we do this? By simply looking at the UK’s range of bingo sites and delving deep into them. We take a look at many different aspects of every site. 

We only ever promote the very best bingo sites around so you know which sites are worth visiting and which should be avoided. If we love a bingo site, we will promote it at Profit Squad. 

Some of the UK’s best bingo sites are:

Best online bingo sites UK

Bingo Site

Launch Date 

Welcome Bonus

Extra Features

Mecca Bingo


Spend £10 Play With £120

Occasional Free Spins And Club Vouchers

Heart Bingo


£50 Bonus Plus 25 Free Spins

Relaunched Site. 500 Slot Games. 

888 Ladies Bingo 

1997 (Brand)

Spend £50 And Receive 15 Free Spins

Use Code LADIES SPIN To Receive Bonus Spins

Buzz Bingo


Spend £10 Play With £60

£10 Minimum Deposit

BetFred Bingo


£10 Bonus Plus 100 Free Spins

Mobile App Available

Wink Bingo


Deposit £10 and Receive A £40 Bonus

Daily Cashback Rewards

Prize Land Bingo


£40 Bonus And Prize Wheel

Daily FreeBingo Games

Bet 365 Bingo


Claim 200 Free Bingo Tickets

Weekly Cashback Rewards

BetVictor Bingo


£30 Bonus Plus 30 Free Spins

9 Bingo Rooms 

MrQ Bingo


24-Hour Free Bingo Plus 30 Free Spins

Refer a Friend Scheme

Players should note that the above welcome bonuses and extra features were correct at the time of writing (August 2022) and may be subject to change. For more updated information about the welcome bonuses, etc. players should visit the site in question.

How We Rank The Best Online Bingo Sites

We put a lot of work into ranking the best online bingo sites. Here’s how we rank the sites that we delve into:


Security and licence

One of the first things we look at is whether a bingo site has a good level of security. Players need to know that their data and money are safe. We look to see if bingo sites use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. It’s important that this security method is used as it scrambles a player’s data. When the data is scrambled it’s hard, if not impossible for hackers to gain access to it.

Another aspect that we look at is whether the site has a licence. Being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is hugely important. In fact, we don’t recommend UK sites that are not licensed by the UKGC. Sites that have this licence have proven to the UKGC that they are safe and fair. The UKGC periodically checks every site that it’s issued a licence to so it knows they’re still operating safely and fairly. 



Another aspect that we take a look at is the site’s reputation. Many online bingo sites have a good reputation and deservedly so. Other sites have a bad reputation. It’s sites such as these that we don’t tend to recommend. We want players to only ever access the very best and most-loved sites around. 


Number of games

Anyone who loves to play online bingo games for real money knows that the more games there are, the better. No one wants to spend time on a site that has few to no online bingo games. Rather, the more games there are, the happier players are.

Ideally, there will be at least 5 different types of games and many offshoots of each type. This can help to keep players entertained and ensure they keep coming back for more. Sites that do not offer a lot of games clearly have not put the work in. 


Deposit and withdrawal methods

Every player knows that the more deposit and withdrawal methods there are, the easier it is to play bingo. Both old and new online bingo sites should allow players to choose from the following deposit and withdrawal methods:


  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Prepayment cards


Players should have at least 6-7 different payment and withdrawal options to choose from. While not every deposit method allows players to withdraw cash using the same method, there should be multiple withdrawal options available.

Additionally, players should not have to wait more than 5 working days to receive their winnings. There’s no reason why they should have to wait any longer. Any bingo site that makes players wait in excess of 5 working days should be avoided. The site clearly hasn’t put in the work to make sure players receive their winnings quickly. 


Bonuses and promotions 

Every online bingo site in the UK should offer customers a good range of bonuses and promotions. Ideally, there will be a welcome bonus, some weekly bonuses and even a few daily bonuses. The more bonuses there are, the happier players will be. It would also be good if a few promotions were offered. Promotions such as leaderboards and loyalty programs. 

Players like to feel as if they’re getting something for nothing. The more bonuses and promotions there are, the more likely it is that players will keep returning to the site in question. 


Customer service contact options

The more customer service contact options there are, the better. When players need help with a game, depositing money, etc. they should be able to ask for help. In a perfect world, players should be able to reach customer services via the following options:


  • Live chat
  • Telephone 
  • Email 


If players can reach out to customer services 24-hours a day, they will be happy. Additionally, multiple contact methods ensure that players can use the method they prefer to ask for help. Some players may prefer the ease of using a live chat feature, others may love chatting on the phone. Keeping customers happy is so important. Offering as many contact options as possible helps to keep them happy.

The Best Online Bingo Bonuses

The best online bingo bonuses tend to be offered by some of the more well-known bingo sites. However, every online bingo bonus is a welcome addition to every site. Players love nothing more than being able to get free games, spins, and even free cash. 


Some of the best online bingo bonuses include:


  • Welcome bonus – Almost all online bingo sites in the UK offer players a welcome bonus. A bonus such as this is there to entice players to the site and keep them there. Welcome bonuses typically include free cash, extra spins, and even a matched deposit bonus. Welcome bonuses are only available to new players. Additionally, players may only have a specific amount of time to make use of the bonus. For example, they may have just 7 days to use their free spins. 


  • Free spins – Some bingo sites offer players the chance to enjoy some free spins. Players will be told which games they can use the spins on and how many spins they’re offered. Free spins are a good way of introducing players to popular games. Free spins also give players the opportunity to win some money. However, they should note that when money is won, it may have to be wagered before it can be withdrawn. 


  • Free tickets – When a player is offered free tickets it means they can enjoy a few games of bingo for free. Players can still be in with a chance of winning money even if they did not pay to play. 


  • Deposit match  – Some players are offered an online bingo deposit bonus. This type of bonus involves players receiving a sum that matches the amount they deposited. For example, if a player deposits £20 into their account, the bingo site might match that. What this means is the site could give the player £20 to play with. While matched deposits can only be used online they can help players to win money. Additionally, some deposit matches may go up to £200+. What this means is a player could deposit as much as £200 into their account and receive a deposit match of the same amount. It’s easy to see why players everywhere love this type of bonus. 


  • Loyalty bonus – From time to time, some bingo sites will offer loyalty bonuses. Bonuses such as these result in players receiving a reward for their loyalty. Some rewards can include free spins, others may include free cash. The more times a player plays bingo the more rewards they can receive. 


  • Refer a friend – Not all online bingo sites have a refer a friend scheme. However, they can be a great way for players to receive cash. Most schemes such as this offer a cash reward. So, if you were to introduce a friend to your favourite bingo site and they deposit cash, you could be rewarded. Some bingo sites limit how many friends you can introduce and some don’t. The reward received will have to be spent at the site in question. However, there’s always a chance that money can be won. 


There are some great bonuses and promotions out there. The more there are, the merrier.

The Most Popular Online Bingo Games

Some of the best free bingo games online are the most popular. Additionally, some of the games that you need to pay for are almost the most popular. Whether you want to enjoy Ladbrokes online bingo slots games or simply opt for the best online bingo games around, the most popular tend to be:


30-ball bingo 30 ball bingo

This type of bingo happens to be the fastest bingo game around. Also known as “Speed bingo”, this game involves playing with just 30 numbers. 30-ball bingo can be quite exciting and a great way to learn the very basics of bingo.


50-ball bingo

50-ball bingo is a fairly new addition to the world of online bingo. However, it is quite fast-paced. Players can win a game by getting a full-house or a line. 


75-ball bingo

75-ball bingo is one of the most common types of bingo around. The rules of this game are much the same as you would find elsewhere. Players simply need to match the balls against the numbers that are found on their bingo cards. 


80-ball bingo 80 ball bingo

This game is a little more complicated than 75-ball bingo. Using 80 balls, the game includes tickets that contain 16 numbers. The numbers are arranged in the traditional 4×4 grid. However, this game is still quite a fast one as there are fewer numbers that you may be used to. 


90-ball bingo 90 ball bingo

90-ball bingo is the most traditional type of bingo around. The numbers run from 1 all the way up to 90. Players need to match a line or even get a full-house to win a prize. 


Slingo slin

A mixture of bingo and slot machine games, Slingo is very popular. Many bingo sites offer a variety of Slingo games that are increasingly popular. Ideal for those who love bingo and/or slots, Slingo can be a lot of fun to play. 

Some bingo sites may offer tombola online bingo games and a variety of 80-ball bingo, for example. The more games there are, the better.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Those who love to play bingo online for money will want to visit online bingo sites that make depositing cash easy. The same sites should also make withdrawing cash easy. The more deposit and withdrawal methods there are, the happier players are likely to be. 

Some of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods include:


  • Bank Transfer casino payment method Bank transfer – This method can be ideal for those who want to deposit and/or withdraw large sums of cash. This method is very popular and it can only take a few days for the money to reach a player’s account.

  •  PayPal – Many players like to use PayPal as it does not involve them handing out their bank details. Players should be aware that PayPal may charge them to withdraw cash. 


  • Visa casinos logoMastercard casinos logo Visa and Mastercard – These methods are usually very secure and are used by many players. Some bingo sites do not let players withdraw their funds using these methods. Players will, therefore, have to look for an alternative way to withdraw funds. 

  •  E-wallets – E-wallets are usually very popular as they are quite secure. Additionally, players will not need to give their bank details to the bingo site in question. Players should note that they may not be able to withdraw their money using their chosen deposit method. 

  • Prepayment cards – Another very secure deposit method, prepayment cards usually offer a quick deposit option. Players cannot withdraw cash using most prepayment cards. However, those that do allow withdrawals offer a secure option. 


Players should note that some withdrawal methods may charge players to withdraw their winnings. This is not something that the bingo site has any control over. Rather, the withdrawal method used would have made the decision to charge a fee. Players should know how much they will be charged before they withdraw any funds. 

Players should note which methods are used before they play bingo online. If their desired method is not used, they may wish to look elsewhere or use an alternative method.

How To Find A Bingo Site You Can Trust

If you want to spend time at the best online bingo sites the UK has, there are some things you need to look out for. The best bingo sites are likely to be the most trusted online bingo sites. This is because there has clearly been a lot of work put in to make them as trustworthy as they are.


When searching for a trusted bingo site be on the lookout for:


Site reviews 

Online bingo site reviews are hugely important. They can indicate how good or bad a site is. It should be noted that there will always be a few unhappy players. However, for the most part, players should be happy. 

Even if you do come across a site that has bad reviews, it may not reflect all of the site. Some players may have left bad reviews because the site’s graphics could be better. Others may leave a bad review because the game they want to play isn’t available. 

Players should note that sites with a UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) licence are safe to spend time on. What this ultimately means is that no matter how bad a review might be, the site is safe. 


Easy navigation

Easy navigation is very important. Players should be able to make their way around the site with ease. There should not be too many menus to choose from. Ideally, players can start a game of bingo in under 3 clicks. Additionally, the site should look good and not take too long to load. 

If a site takes too long to load there could be an issue somewhere behind the scenes. It may be worth reloading the site and seeing how long it takes to load. If a site takes more than a few minutes to load, it might be worth considering going elsewhere. 


Fast payments

The faster it is to withdraw winnings, the happier everyone will be. Some bingo sites offer instant withdrawals and, therefore, attract a lot of players. Players don’t want to wait more than a few days to receive their payments. Ideally, they should be made to wait no more than 5 working days. 


Apps and mobile optimisation 

More and more people now like to play bingo on-the-go. When a bingo site offers players apps, it means they can play no matter where they are. It also means that they can play whenever they wish.

Bingo sites that do not offer apps may alternatively be optimised for mobile use. In other words, the site can easily be accessed via a mobile or tablet. Again, this ensures players can play their favourite games of bingo whenever they please. 


Game selection 

The bigger the selection of games, the happier players will be. There are usually many different versions of bingo offered by bingo sites. Players don’t want to be stuck with the same games all of the time. Even a slight variation in a game can make a big difference. 


Chat rooms 

Some players love nothing more than to chat with other players during a game of bingo. It helps to keep the games interesting and build friendships. Some online bingo sites offer chat rooms so players can speak to others while indulging in a few games. Players can even find that additional bonuses and prizes can occasionally be won just by participating in the chat.


Many online bingo sites make it easy to play bingo online. Players can choose from a selection of bingo cards online and find a game they like the look of. All that they need to do is to match the balls with the numbers on their bingo cards.

In order to win at online bingo, players simply need to get a full house or match a line. There are no easy ways to win at bingo. However, the fewer balls that you play with the more likely you could be to win a game.

Yes. However, players are often limited as to how much they can win during any game. Players should win the game’s terms and conditions to see what the maximum win limit is.

The top online bingo sites the UK has are listed at the top of the page. These are Mecca Bingo, Heart Bingo, 888 Ladies Bingo, Buzz Bingo, BedFred Bingo, Wink Bingo, Prize Land Bingo, Bet 365 Bingo, BetVictor Bingo, and MrQ Bingo.

Some bingo sites allow players to play with their friends. They simply let friends chat with each other during a game by offering a live chat function. Alternatively, players can log in at the same time as their friends and take part in a video call while they play.