Best UK online casinos for playing Caribbean Stud in 2022

Caribbean Stud poker is a hugely popular card game and is thought to be very easy to play. With rules that are easy to understand and some great odds, this card game is one of the best out there. Many top online casinos do what they can to offer players as many games as possible. Caribbean Stud poker is just one of the games that online casinos know will be popular. The casinos that offer players a chance to enjoy a Caribbean Stud poker game know this is exactly what players want.

Caribbean Stud poker with cards, chips and palm trees

Best UK Casinos

In the very best Caribbean Stud casinos, players are typically offered the chance to play a variety of Caribbean Stud games. Not only can they play online via their desktop computer, but they can also access a mobile casino app. There may also be a few excellent Caribbean Stud bonuses and promotions on offer.


The best Caribbean Stud sites in the UK 2022 are as follows:

Top 10 Casinos 


CasinoWelcome BonusExtra Features
Casumo Casino logo 160x160



£25 Deposit Bonus Plus 20 Bonus Spins



Great User Interface

The Grand Ivy CasinoUp to £300 Deposit Bonus Plus 25 Bonus SpinsBonuses Offered Regularly
william hill casino


Deposit £10, Get £50 


Excellent Variety Of Games

Regent Play Casino

Up To £200 Deposit Bonus Plus 100 Spins

Good Selection Of Live Games

Spin Rio casino review logo



Up To £200 Deposit Bonus



1,500 Games

All British Casino100% Welcome Bonus Plus 10% CashbackGreat User Interface


Wager £50, Get £10 Cashback


Mobile App Available

Playzee Casino100% Welcome Bonus Up To £300 Plus 100 Free SpinsMore Than 2,000 Games



200% Welcome Bonus Up To £500



Great User Interface

10bet Casino50% Welcome Bonus Up To £100 Plus 25 Free SpinsGood Bonuses


We think that the above online casinos are some of the better ones out there. Players should consider spending time at some or all of the above casinos. This is especially the case as they all offer online Caribbean Stud. Players should be aware that the above Welcome Bonuses and extra features may change from time to time. Players who want more updated information about the bonuses, etc should visit the online casino in question.

Our favourite online Caribbean Stud casino

Our favourite Caribbean Stud poker online casino is Casumo Casino. Founded in 2012, and owned by Casumo Services Limited, this online casino is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Offering players the chance to enjoy playing Caribbean Stud, this online casino has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, and offers a very good gaming experience. 
Those who wish to have a good time playing Caribbean Stud online should consider visiting Casumo Casino.

Casumo Casino logo 160x160

What we review

Here at Profit Squad, we take a very close look at all Caribbean Stud online casinos. We do this because we know that players want only the very best from the casinos they visit. Ideally, all online casinos will be licensed and regulated, they will be safe to spend time on and offer players so much. When we find an online casino that we like, we’ll promote it. Below, you can see exactly what we look for when we come across a Caribbean Stud online casino. 

Security and reputation

We take a close look at every online casino’s level of security. We want to make sure that players only ever have access to licensed casinos that work hard to keep players safe. When an online casino is licensed, it has proven that it operates fairly and within guidelines. It also means that players can log in and know that they can relax and have fun.

The issue of reputation is an interesting one. There will always be disgruntled players. However, it needs to be obvious that the online casino in question does all it can to keep players happy. Ideally, online casinos will have a good, if not great, reputation. When a casino has a good reputation, players know that they’re in for a good time. 

Number of games

We always take a look at the number of games available. Any online casino that does not have a wide selection of games, particularly Caribbean Stud games should be avoided. Unless the online casino is very new, there should be at least a few hundred different games available. The more games there are, the happier players will be. 

Ideally, every online casino will add more and more games over time. This means that players should consider checking the sites to see if and when more games have been added. When new games have been added, online casinos usually shout out about it. 

Customer service contact options 

At the heart of every online casino are the players. It’s the players that help to make every casino what it is. Therefore, they should be taken care of and have their queries answered. 

Ideally, all online casinos will have at least 2 customer service contact options. The most popular contact option is live chat. If an online casino offers this feature plus a phone line or an email address, we’re happy. If an online casino offers a third option, we’re even happier. The more customer service contact options there are, the happier players will be. They are more likely to receive a response from the casino quickly and satisfactorily. 


While having an FAQ section may not seem hugely important, it is. Players often have a few questions about games, their accounts, etc. If they can find the answers they need without asking customer service, they tend to be happy. Sometimes all that players want to do is to quickly find an answer so they can continue to gamble. If an online casino does not have an FAQ section, it could seem as though the people behind it don’t care about the players. Alternatively, they may have an excellent level of customer service and hope it suffices. However, not everyone will want to reach out to the customer service team for help. 

Online banking options

The more online banking options that an online casino has, the better. Players should find it easy to deposit and withdraw cash. Deposits should appear in their accounts quickly so players can gamble right away.

When it comes to withdrawing winnings, players should not have to wait too long to receive them. The winnings should be in the player’s account within 5 working days. However, some online casinos have a player’s winnings with them even sooner. This is excellent and something that we at Profit Squad love. 

Usability of website

Ideally, all online casinos will be very easy to use. The user interface should be welcoming, and the graphics should be pleasing. Players should be able to find their favourite games easily and without having to click on many menus. The site should load quickly as should each game. It should also be clear that a lot of work has been put into making the online casino in question look good. 

Available mobile apps 

Some online casinos offer players the chance to download an iOS or Android app. Others are mobile-optimised. Some online casinos offer apps and mobile optimisation. The more options that a player has to visit their favourite online casino, the happier they will be. 

Players should be able to visit an online casino via a mobile device or tablet. When they can, they can effectively play their favourite games on-the-go. This means that they can try their hand at Caribbean Stud or any other game they wish to play. 

Bonuses and promotions 

All online casinos offer players at least a few bonuses and promotions. They help to keep players entertained and make them feel as if they’re getting something for nothing. In addition to a Welcome Bonus, there should be a few more bonuses that players can make use of every week. There would ideally also be some promotions running. These promotions can include tournaments that involve players winning prizes. 

The more bonuses and promotions there are, the happier players are likely to be. They help to keep players coming back for more and ensure they have even more fun.

Advantages of online vs brick-and-mortar Caribbean Stud casinos

While many people play Caribbean Stud poker online, some play the game in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, there are some distinct advantages to playing online vs a brick-and-mortar casino. The advantages are:


  • Players can log in when they please – Whenever a player feels like playing some Caribbean Stud, they can log in to their accounts and enjoy a game or two. This is not an option that brick-and-mortar casinos offer. Players have to wait until a brick-and-mortar casino is open. While some casinos open for many hours each day, there will be times when they’re closed. This means players will have to wait until the casino opens. This is not always convenient. 


  • Players can log in wherever they are – As long as a player has a connection to the internet, they can play wherever they are. Brick-and-mortar casinos simply cannot offer this option. Players simply have to visit the casino once they have spent time and money travelling there. Online casinos are simply much more convenient. 


  • Bonuses and promotions are offered – Most online casinos offer a good range of bonuses and promotions. Players can occasionally receive rewards for playing Caribbean Stud in addition to other games. Brick-and-mortar casinos may offer a few bonuses and promotions but they’re likely to be few and far between. 


  • Online casinos don’t get too busy – While there may be times when a lot of players are logged in, everyone can always play their favourite Caribbean Stud game. Brick-and-mortar casinos can become crowded, and players may have to wait until there’s space at a table. By logging in online, players can play Caribbean Stud right away. 


As you can see, there are some great advantages to playing Caribbean Stud online versus in a brick-and-mortar casino. It’s no wonder then, that more and more people are now playing online.

Caribbean Stud bonuses

The very best Caribbean Stud sites offer great bonuses along with Caribbean Stud. Bonuses such as these can help players to have even more fun when placing a bet. They can also make players feel as if they’re being rewarded for their efforts. Some of the most common Caribbean Stud bonuses include:


Welcome Bonus

A bonus such as this welcomes players to the online casino. 99% of online casinos have a Welcome Bonus that only new players can make use of. Welcome Bonuses often involve players making a deposit and receiving up to 100% of the deposit from the casino. In other words, should a player deposit £50, the casino will also give them £50. Deposit bonuses can be limited up to £100 or £200. Players should know that deposit bonuses can only be spent at the online casino that issued them. 


No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus does not require new players to deposit cash into their accounts first. Rather, they simply need to sign up for a new account to receive the bonus. This bonus will have to be spent at the online casino. Winnings might need to be wagered before they can be withdrawn. 


Free bet offer

Free Bets 

This type of bet is usually snapped up by players. It offers them the chance to place a bet without risking their own cash. Free bets need to be used on specific games such as Caribbean Stud or the game of the casino’s choosing. However, they can introduce players to games they may not have otherwise played. 



Cash outFree Cash 

Free cash bonuses usually work in a similar way to free bets. The cash can be used on a selection of games, typically stipulated by the casino in question. Free cash means that players don’t need to risk their own money to place a bet. If a player wins their bet, they may have to wager their winnings before they can withdraw them. 

Most online casinos offer a variety of bonuses and promotions. They may even change from time to time. Players should, therefore, keep an eye out so that they can make use of them.

Free Caribbean Stud games

Some online casinos offer Caribbean Stud games for free. This allows players to boost their skills while enjoying the game. However, players should be aware that they won’t actually win a Caribbean Stud poker jackpot. Free games don’t offer players the chance to win any money, however, the games can be a lot of fun. 


Players may also want to be aware that free Caribbean Stud games may not have quite as many levels or features as the games players have to pay to play. This is because online casinos tend to put a lot of time and effort into the games people pay for. The more exciting these games are, the more players are likely to play them.

Live dealer Caribbean Stud

Live Caribbean Stud poker can be an excellent game to play. Players can enjoy the game while interacting with a real dealer. The dealer will help the game to progress, but they are unlikely to shuffle the cards. The cards will be shuffled randomly, which means that there is no outside influence. It also makes it hard for players to count cards. 


Live dealer Caribbean Stud usually involves a dealer being located in a studio or an online casino. Players can interact with the dealer and enjoy a real casino-like feel. There may also be occasions when players can interact with other players. However, for the most part, they will only interact with the dealer. 


What makes live Caribbean Stud even more exciting is the fact that players can beat the dealer. They can see for themselves whether the dealer loses or wins a game. This can add something even more special to the game of Caribbean Stud.

Caribbean Stud rules

What is Caribbean Stud poker? It’s a game that a lot of people love to play. However, it’s not always clear what the rules surrounding the games are. However, they can be found below. 


This classic game is a lot like 5 card stud. However, players won’t be playing against each other, they’ll be playing against the house. Players are also given one hand of 5 cards. 


  1. The round begins by players placing a bet. This bet must be placed in order for them to receive any cards. Players can also choose to make a jackpot side bet, should they wish to. 
  2. As soon as a player has made their bets they will receive 5 cards. The cards will be face down so players have no idea what they are, as yet. The dealer will flip one of the cards over. It is then the player’s choice to decide what they’d like to do with their hand. 
  3. Players can choose to fold, if they do so they will lose the hand. Alternatively, they can raise. If a player chooses to raise they will need to double their bet. 
  4. As soon as every player has played their hand, the dealer will then flip the remaining 4 cards over. At this stage, the dealer’s hand will be compared to the player’s. 
  5. The dealer will automatically win if they have an Ace or a King (AK) or better. If the hand is not good enough, the dealer will lose. 
  6. If the dealer has lost the hand, they will receive 1:1 on their bet. They will also receive any raise bet back. Players will not receive any additional payouts. 
  7. If the dealer’s hand qualifies, and a player beats the dealer’s hand, the player will receive even money on their bet. How much a player receives will depend on the hand that beat the dealer.  The player could win the following payout depending on their hand:


Average Payout

Royal Flush

100 to 1

Straight Flush

50 to 1

Four of a Kind

20 to 1

Full House

7 to 1


5 to 1


4 to 1

Three of a Kind

3 to 1

Two Pair

2 to 1

One Pair or Less

1 to 1

If the dealer’s hand beats a player’s hand, the dealer will take the player’s bets. If the player folds, they will lose their bets. If a player’s hand ties with the dealer’s, the player will receive their bets back. If a player has bet on a progressive jackpot side bet, they will be paid out if the player has made a qualifying hand.


There are also other rules that players need to adhere to. These rules are typically used in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, it’s usually beneficial if players have them in mind. 


  • Players cannot use more than 1 hand at a time. 
  • Players must not discuss their hands or exchange any information with other players. Those who are caught exchanging information will result in a dead hand and the player’s bets being forfeited. 
  • If a dealer receives 4 cards of the 5 card hand, they can give themselves an extra card. Any other misdeals will be considered a dead head. 
  • Players can look at their cards once. However, once the cards have been put down, they are unable to touch them again. 


Players should be aware that the rules can vary from casino to casino. However, they all tend to be quite similar. Players should make sure that they are aware of every online casino’s rules before they play.

Caribbean Stud strategies

Almost every player wants to learn even the very basic Caribbean Stud poker strategy. Strategies can help to make every Caribbean Stud poker game even more interesting. 

Below, you can find a few strategies that could prove to be helpful:


  • Always raise when you have a pair or better 
  • Always fold when you have less than the dealer’s hand
  • When the dealer’s card is an AK (Ace or King), players should raise it with an AKJ (Ace, King, or Jack) or an AKQ (Ace, King, or Queen). This is because it will make it less likely that the dealer will have the same hand. 
  • If the dealer’s card is facing up and it’s an Ace or King, players can raise it with a Jack or Queen. Doing this can potentially help to prevent a flush or straight flush. 
  • If the dealer’s card is facing up and it’s a 2 or a Queen, players can raise with an Ace or King, if they have the same card. 
  • If a dealer shows a 2 or a 5, players can raise it with an AKJ (Ace, King, or Jack) or an AKQ (Ace, King, or Queen).


Other strategies include:


  • Understanding the minimum and maximum bets: This is important for new players as minimum bets can help to prevent losses. If a player knows what the maximum bet is, they can understand whether placing the maximum bet could limit their options. 
  • Using autoplay/re-bet: both of these features allow players to repeat some or all of their bets. They can repeat their bets quickly, should they wish to. These features may also allow players to play through a specific number of hands. 
  • Using a session timer – Players can use this feature to help them understand how much time they have spent online. Alternatively, they can calculate approximately how much they have won or lost per hour. 

While the above strategies may not always mean a player wins every game, it can help. The above strategies also help players to look like a serious contender.

Caribbean Stud tips

Players who want to know how to play Caribbean Stud poker may want to make use of the following tips:


  • Know how the hands play so they can be compared to each other.





Royal Flush

A, K, Q, J, and 10 in the same suit

Straight Flush

5 consecutive cards in the same suit

4 of a Kind

4 of the same card

Full House

5 of a king and one pair


5 cards in the same suit


5 consecutive cards

3 of a Kind

3 of the same card

2 Pair

2 of the same card

1 Pair

1 pair of the same card

High Card

The rank of a hand (A, K, 10, 9, and 8)

  • Know the odds against every scenario. In other words, you should know how often the dealer can be expected to win and how often you should raise bets. Below, you can find the probabilities that come with almost every possible hand. 




Royal Flush

100 to 1


Straight Flush

50 to 1


Four of a Kind

20 to 1


Full House

7 to 1



5 to 1



4 to 1


Three of a Kind

3 to 1


Two Pair

2 to 1


One Pair or Less

1 to 1


Dealer does not qualify






Dealer wins




Even if a player has always wanted to have a straight flush, they know they’re unlikely to. However, knowing that the dealer can beat a player’s hand 13.67% of the time is quite useful.

Most popular online Caribbean Stud games

There are a few varieties of Caribbean Stud, these include: Poker hands guide & online poker rules


UK Caribbean Stud

This is a version that is not only found on our shores, but in Europe too. Also known as 5 Card Stud Poker, not every game has a jackpot. When a jackpot is involved, the game is known as Jackpot 5 Card Stud Poker. 

The rules of this game are very much the same as regular Caribbean Stud. However, the payouts tend to be a little different. 


Oasis Poker 

The rules in this game are pretty much the same as you would find in Caribbean Stud. However, there is one major difference. Players can exchange cards before they make a raise or fold decision. 


Lunar Poker 

Lunar Poker is also known as Russian or Royal Poker. This game is quite similar to Oasis Poker. However, players can force the dealer to draw. The idea behind this is that players can get the dealer’s hand to qualify when they may not have chosen this option. This ensures that the player can win on both of their bets. 

As you can see, there are a few varieties of Caribbean Stud. Each of these varieties has its own advantages. Players are often encouraged to try out a few types of Caribbean Stud. However, if they’re new to the game, sticking with the traditional version is usually recommended. 


Pai Gow Poker 

Pai Gow poker is an interesting example of the variations of Caribbean Stud that are available. Players are given 7 cards by the dealer, and the cards must be separated into 2 hands. 1 hand must contain 5 cards, and the other must contain 2. Ideally, the 5-card hand will contain the best cards. As soon as the players have worked out which cards go in which hands, they compare them to the dealer’s cards. With a house edge of approximately 1.46%, Pai Gow poker is an exciting variation of a classic game.

Caribbean Stud tournaments

From time to time, there may be some Caribbean Stud tournaments. Players may have to pay a lot of money before they can take part in a tournament. However, players will be told how much they need to pay before they enter the tournament. 

It’s likely that multiple players will enter the tournament and therefore, help to bump up the winnings. Players in the top 10 positions, for example, may win a prize. However, the player in the 1st position is likely to win the biggest prize. 

Players should consider checking a range of online casinos to find out which ones are running tournaments. They may have to sign up to the online casinos in question so they can take part in the coveted tournaments.

Playing online Caribbean Stud on mobile

It is possible to play online casino Caribbean Stud poker via a mobile device. However, not all online casinos offer apps. Some sites are mobile-optimised. This means that the site can be accessed via a mobile device. 

Players may not need to download an app if an online casino is mobile-optimised. They can get access to the casino via their mobile phone or tablet. This is hugely convenient, especially for players who don’t wish to download an app. 

It’s likely that players will find that they can play their chosen Caribbean Stud games by logging in to their favourite online casinos. The games that are found on mobile apps and mobile-optimised sites offer just as much as online games do. This means that players can continue to enjoy their favourite games as and when they wish.

New UK casinos to play Caribbean Stud online

Almost every month, new UK casinos appear and offer players a selection of games. More and more new casinos are offering players the chance to enjoy playing Caribbean Stud. This potentially means that players will have even more opportunities to enjoy all that this wonderful game has to offer. 

If a new UK emerges and it has a lot to offer players, it’s likely that we will review it. Players should stay tuned to Profit Squad to make sure they don’t miss out.


Players place a bet so they can receive 5 face down cards. The dealer will flip one of the cards over. It is then the player’s choice to decide what they’d like to do with their hand. 

Players can choose to fold or raise. If a player raises they will need to double their bet. Once every player has played their hand, the dealer will flip the remaining 4 cards over. The dealer’s hand will be compared to the player’s.

There is only ever 1 52-card deck with the Jokers excluded. Players are dealt 5 cards during a game and they can use these cards to help them win a game.

We think that Casumo Casino is the best Caribbean Stud site. However, some players may prefer other online casinos. They may prefer a casino that’s been around for longer or one that offers fewer games. It’s all subjective and there are a huge number of casinos to choose from. 

The most popular variant is the original game of Caribbean Stud. However, there are other popular variants that players love such as UK Caribbean Stud, Oasis Poker and Lunar Poker.

Yes. It can be a fairly easy game to play as the basic rules are not complicated.

No. All online casinos use Rapid Number Generators to make sure that no game can be influenced by any means.

No. However, more and more online casinos are offering this excellent game.

Yes. Many online casinos offer players the chance to download an iOS or Android app. Some online casinos are also mobile-optimised meaning players can log in from their mobile devices.

Yes. Some online casinos offer free Caribbean Stud games. However, free games are unlikely to have as many levels or features as pay-for Caribbean Stud.

Yes. Some games offer players the chance to win a few bonuses from time to time.

Royal Flush – the odds are 0.0001%

Straight Flush – the odds are 00008%

Four of a Kind – the odds are 0.0142%

Full House – the odds are 0.83%

Flush – the odds are 0.109%

Straight – the odds are 0.219%

Three of a Kind – the odds are 1.175%

Two Pair – the odds are 2.448%

One Pair or Less – the odds are 11.755%

Dealer does not qualify – the odds are 22.738%

Fold – the odds are 47.774%

Dealer wins – the odds are 13.678%

No. Every reputable online casino uses a Random Number Generator to make sure players cannot count cards. Some casinos will block players from logging in to their accounts if there are signs of card counting in any game.

Most UK online Caribbean Stud casinos are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This means the sites are very safe to spend time on.

Ideally, players will beat the dealer by having a better hand or making the dealer fold.

Yes. Some online casinos offer VIP bonuses and Loyalty points.

Caribbean Stud is a mixture of both luck and skill. Players with a lot of experience in the game are likely to understand which tactics to use.

Live dealer Caribbean Stud involves a dealer helping players to progress through the game. Ordinary online Caribbean Stud does not offer this option.

No. Many online casinos limit how much players can win during a game.