Matched Betting Calculator

The matched betting calculator is an important tool when matched betting. It allows you to calculate the ideal lay stakes required to return the maximum profit from each bookmaker offer.

The free matched betting calculator at ProfitSquad is an advanced calculator which takes into account various bet types, back odds, lay odds, bookmaker commission and more.

With bookmakers having available various types of offers other than a standard free bet, it can be difficult to know how much to lay to return the best profit. However, the matched betting calculator from Profit Squad makes the process quick and easy.

Simply enter the details of your bet and the tool will automatically calculate your ideal lay stakes.

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Free Matched Betting Calculator

Enter the details of your bet into the free matched betting calculator below or scroll down to below the tool for more information on how to use it.

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Multiple Bet Types

You can use the matched betting calculator for the following offer types:

  • Qualifying bet
  • Free Bet
  • Bonus
  • Bonus on Win
  • Bonus on Loss
  • Free Bet on Win
  • Free Bet on Loss
  • Enhanced odds as Free Bets

By covering a number of bet offer types, the calculator can be used for the majority of bookmakers offers of which can return a profit.

Advanced Features

As well as calculating the ideal lay stakes, the calculator also boasts some advanced features which are:

  • Overlay – Used to increase your profits if your back bet wins with the bookmaker and break even if your lay bet wins on the exchange.
  • Underlay – Used to increase your profits if your lay bet wins on the exchange and break even if your back bet wins with the bookmaker.
  • Custom – Used when you would like to vary the overall returns at either the bookmaker or the exchange based on the outcome of your bet.

Using the Matched Betting Calculator

To work out the ideal lay stakes of your bet to return the greatest profit or lowest qualifying loss, simply enter the following information into the calculator:

  1. Select a bet type from the drop-down menu eg. Normal for qualifying bet, Freebet for Free Bets etc
  2. Enter the back odds as displayed on the bookmaker website
  3. Enter the lay odds as displayed on the betting exchange
  4. Select a betting exchange from the drop-down menu or input the exchange commission manually.

The ideal lay stake will then be displayed.

If you wish, you can then select one of the advanced features such as overlay/underlay and the lay stake will update automatically.

Some bet types will require some additional information such as bonus amount if you are due to receive one or the enhanced odds if you are claiming them. The calculator is a simple yet powerful matched betting tool which is extremely useful and accessible to both beginners and experienced matched bettors.

Additional Features

  • Pre Populated Fields If you are accessing the matched betting calculator from an event in the OddsMatcher, the event, back/lay odds and exchange commission will be pre-populated meaning you just have to enter the back stake to complete the calculation.

  • Auto-Updating Odds Another feature when accessing the calculator from the Free OddsMatcher is that the odds will automatically update if they happen to change at either the bookmaker or the exchange while you are calculating your lay stakes. If this happens, you will be notified of the odds changing, allowing you to refresh the lay stake based on the new odds.