Horse Racing Matcher

With so many horse races taking place every day, bookmakers run a number of profitable offers for existing customers. Offers such as ‘Money Back if your horse finishes 2nd’, ‘Money Back if your horse is beaten by a length’ and ‘Back a winner at 4/1+ and get a free bet’ can all be profitable when done right and for a lot of matched bettors, are part of their daily routine.

The majority of horse racing offers are classed as advantage play meaning that you’re not guaranteed to make a profit on every single one of them but there is value in them and so you will make a profit in the long term.

One of the key factors in making a profit from these offers is to minimise qualifying losses. To do this, you must find horse where the back odds on the bookmaker are close to the lay odds on the exchange. By doing so, you will make a small loss if the criteria isn’t triggered but make a potentially large profit if it is.

The Horse Racing Matcher is a tool which helps you find the closest matches for horse races taking part on any day for which there are profitable offers available.

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Horse Racing Matcher Key Features

  • Displays the closest matches for horses in eligible races
  • Displays the potential profit should the refund/free bet be triggered
  • Displays the loss should the refund/free bet not be triggered
  • Calculates the ideal lay stake for your bet
  • One-click bet tracking
  • Step-by-step guides for every profitable horse racing offer
  • Filter the results by bookmaker offer, race meeting, race time and betting exchange

The Horse Racing Matcher is an extremely useful matched betting tool which can save you enormous amounts of time when completing horse racing offers. The matcher is preconfigured for each offer so there is no need to enter the bet details into the calculator in order to view the potential qualifying loss or profit should the trigger be hit. Everything is automatically displayed when loading the tool. This means that you are able to participate in more offers in a shorter space of time, thus increasing your profits.

horse racing matcher

The Horse Racing Matcher is preconfigured for races taking place on that day. This means that it will only display matches for horses and races which qualify for the offer with the associated bookmaker. For example, for the Bet365 4/1 offer, you receive a free bet if you back a horse at odds of 4/1 or greater in an eligible race and it wins. Therefore, the Horse Racing Matcher will only display matches for horses which have odds of 4/1 or greater which are running in the eligible races as specified by Bet365 for that day. It is possible to find these matches using the standard odds matcher but using the Horse Racing Matcher tool saves you time entering the qualifying criteria and calculating profit/loss using the calculator as it is all done for you and displayed in a user-friendly way.

The Horse Racing Matcher is available to all ProfitSquad members on any membership plan and is an extremely helpful tool for anyone completing horse racing refund offers.

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