Placing a bet of any kind is effectively an act of voluntary risk. You are, quite literally, going against the odds and hoping that the selection you make is one that will see you make a profit. 

If you make such a bet off the back of a fair amount of knowledge and an understanding of the market as a whole, then the gamble you are making is more of a calculated risk and one that is still worthy of a great deal of deliberation prior to the placing of any funds.

Now, when it comes to making an accumulator bet, you are essentially stacking the odds in the favour of the bookmaker, and you are playing with fire. However, if the bet you are making is one that is made after a great deal of thought and contemplation, along with a solid awareness of each and every bet that makes up that accumulator, then it’s one that is worth pursuing, albeit sparingly.

So if you are set on pursuing a strong accumulator bet, here are some helpful tips to consider.

What is an Accumulator

An accumulator is essentially the act of stacking a series of individual bets together so as to increase the overall odds on your selection, in theory leading to a much bigger payout. In the United States, this is called parlay betting, and in the UK, the accumulator betting market is very popular. 

Accumulators are More Effective Among Experienced Bettors

If you are a novice when it comes to sports betting, then it’s worth holding off on any accumulator action. Better to learn how to walk before you run. Even an experienced bettor knows the chances of pulling off a lucrative win via an accumulator are very low indeed. 

This kind of betting should be saved for those who know precisely the risks that are associated with this kind of betting activity.

Don’t Chase the Odds for the Sake Of It

If you are forming an accumulator bet just for the sake of hoping to make a massive sum, then think again. If the decisions behind the requisite parts of your accumulator are down to a reasoned approach, then that’s a tick in the right box. 

However, if you’ve just placed a specific game in your accumulator based solely on a hunch or perhaps because you dislike a team that’s playing or because selecting that particular element of your accumulator led to a massive spike in your potential winnings, then you shouldn’t place the bet.

Look for Brands That Offer Accumulator Insurance of the Possibility of Cash-Out Options

Some of the best bookmakers offer accumulator insurance or the possibility of cashing out early, and both these are strong reasons to bet with that particular brand. 

Accumulator insurance, or Acca insurance as it’s sometimes called, effectively aids your bet by allowing you to perhaps lose one or more legs of your overall bet. Obviously, this means you’ll earn less than the total amount you might have hoped to win, but it gives you the peace of mind that you haven’t blown it all. 

Do Your Research

We already touched upon the usefulness of knowing the market that you are betting on but don’t underestimate the advantages of doing additional research. Seek out the relevant stats and information needed to help give your accumulator as much help as you can.