Whether you’re new to matched betting or have been doing it for years, these 10 steps to maximising your betting potential will help you generate higher profits in the long term while keeping you focused on your goals and on the right track.

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1. Adopt the right attitude

When new members at ProfitSquad are starting out, the most common question we get asked is ‘How much money will I make from this?’.

It’s a question that isn’t easy to answer because a lot of the time it is a number plucked from thin air. Some members then get frustrated if they haven’t made the levels of profit quoted and soon give up.

ProfitSquad contains numerous strategies, all of which will make you money if you take the time to learn and practise them. The amount of money you make is dependent on numerous factors, including the amount of time you devote to matched betting each month, the value of the offers you take, how large your betting bank is and, in the early days, a bit of luck whether you hit some big wins early on, or you have to wait a couple of months for them (although lucky streaks will all balance out in the long-run).

The best attitude to come into this with is not ‘How much money will I make from this?’. A much better attitude is ‘How much will I learn from this?’.

If you take the time to learn how Matched Betting works, one strategy at a time, you will be learning the ability to generate a sustainable, consistent secondary income for years to come. For some people, this money can be life-changing and a way of escaping the 9-5 grind, for others it can mean a dream holiday or a new car and for some, it can simply mean treating family members to a few extra presents at Christmas.

While you are learning, the profits may appear to arrive slowly. However, start thinking of it as being paid to learn rather than a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and you’ll reap the benefits later.

2. Don’t expect to understand everything right away

Most people arriving here at ProfitSquad will have never placed a bet in their lives, some will have had the odd flutter and some will have gambled a lot before, potentially losing a lot of money and want to start making some of it back.

Regardless of your background or reasons for trying Matched Betting, the chances are it will be unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

There will be new phrases to learn, new websites to navigate and new tools to explore. Take your time, go through the training and attempt each offer step-by-step. If anything becomes confusing or overwhelming, just take a step back and re-visit the training or get in touch with us. The support team will happily go through anything you’re struggling with.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Over the years we have noticed the majority of ProfitSquad members fall into one of 2 categories:

  1. Those who join up, quickly get confused/overwhelmed and the first contact we receive from them is a request to cancel their membership
  2. Those who join up, read through our training and ask questions when confused (sometimes just one question, sometimes hundreds) and they stick with it.

Those in the second group are the members you’ll often see posting about big profits in our monthly profit posts on the ProfitSquad forum.

The fee you pay for your ProfitSquad membership is to teach you how to make money. Take advantage of this and ask us about anything you need help with, no matter how small it may seem – it’s our job!

4. Don’t rush to spend your winnings

You’ve not long started your Matched Betting journey and you suddenly hit your first big win. It can feel amazing and the temptation can be to treat yourself and spend it all on a lavish holiday or a new car.

My advice would be to reign it in a little bit. Yes, don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to something small to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in learning the strategies to put yourself in this position. However, the more money you have available to bet with, the more offers you can complete, the more strategies you can use and, essentially, the more money you can – and will – make.

Keep re-investing the majority of your profits into completing offers and you will soon realise that big wins can become a regular occurrence.

5. Take as much action as possible

This is a big one.

Every single offer posted on ProfitSquad is mathematically proven to make you money, either immediately via our guaranteed profit offers or long-term by having a positive Estimated Value (EV).

The more offers you complete, the more money you will make.

We’d all like to sit back and relax by the pool while our bank account grows in size but unfortunately, life doesn’t always work like that – although there’s nothing to stop you completing offers by the pool!

When you have some time free in the day and you want to make some money, log in, check the calendar, check discord and try and build as much EV as you possibly can in that time.

In the beginning, this may seem like a slow grind, building up maybe £5-£10 EV per hour. However, the more offers you complete, the more efficient you will get at completing them and the more your profits will grow – giving you the funds and confidence to tackle more advanced (and higher EV) offers. Within a couple of months, you’ll be making £25-£50 EV per hour or even more.

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6. Give your results chance to average out

Try not to stress about daily profits or even weekly.

As long as you are taking action and managing your risk exposure correctly, short-term profits and losses will average out and result in steady long-term profits.

It’s natural to feel a bit worried and have a moan when you’re on the wrong end of variance. However, try and remember to keep your head up and put things into perspective.

  • Here at ProfitSquad, we have never had a member who has lost money long-term from our strategies
  • Even though your short-term results may seem unimpressive, the chances are they only represent a small fraction of your overall long-term profits

Our members post ‘EV vs Profit’ graphs in the ProfitSquad forum. Check them out and on all of them you will spot losing periods. However, look at the bigger picture and you’ll see the overwhelming trend is upwards.

7. Prioritise high value offers

Firstly, we’re not suggesting that you all jump into Advanced Casino Offers regardless of your experience and betting bank size.

What we’re suggesting though is that you don’t give away your time too cheaply.

Generally, there is more EV available to take each day than any one person can possibly fit in, so don’t waste your time on low EV offers if there are higher EV offers still available that are of a similar risk level.

For example, you may get into a daily routine of completing all of the William Hill Casino offers before looking at the calendar, when actually these offers usually require quite a lot of time to complete relative to their value. Low value offers such as these I’d typically leave until the end of the day if I have already exhausted all of the higher value offers available.

If you want to maximise your profits each month, you want to be maximising your EV/hour.

8. Don’t limit yourself to specific strategies

Once you’ve taken the time to learn the strategies, Matched Betting is one of the easiest ways to earn a lot of money online. The amount of money on the table for you to put the work in and claim could be life-changing for a lot of people.

With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense to try and capture as much of it as possible while it’s around?

We often hear people saying “I’m only interested in sports offers”, “I’ve never tried dutching”, or “I don’t do casino offers because I lost money on my first try”.

By limiting yourself to specific strategies, you are limiting how much money you can earn.

Take as much value as you can every day, no matter what type of offer it comes from – your bank balance will thank you in the future!

9. Adapt to change

Matched Betting is a constant game of cat and mouse with the bookmakers.

They want to stop us making money from them but at the same time they need to remain competitive in the industry and attract customers to bet with them.

Not long ago you could make a full-time living from Accumulator Offers alone. Unfortunately bookies tightened their belts and squeezed a lot of the value out of them. However, those who adapted to this and redirected their efforts into other strategies saw no dip in their earnings.

Next month they may start to tighten up on your favourite types of offers… Don’t give up and conclude ‘there’s no money to be made in this game any more’ – the people who consistently make 4-figure profits every month are always willing to change their approach and follow the value, wherever it may come from.

10. Don’t stray from the path of +EV

The reason that there are so many bookmakers and casinos around is because they are very profitable businesses to run. They know that when offers aren’t involved, they carry an edge over their customers meaning that they can’t lose money in the long-term.

The only way we can make money from them long-term is by betting when the edge is in our favour, every time you place a bet that isn’t +EV, you are giving them some value back – reducing your long-term earnings.

So often I hear things like “I had a bad day on casino offers so I played some blackjack to recoup my losses”. Casinos don’t run their blackjack tables at a loss, the edge is always in their favour even when we are using the perfect blackjack strategy, so playing blackjack for any reason other than completing an offer will lose you money long-term.

If you decide to play some blackjack after a big win as part of some mug betting – that’s fine as long as you understand the reasons you are doing it and are aware that you are giving away a small amount of value in return of hopefully keeping your accounts healthy for longer. However, if you head to the blackjack table with the expectation of making money from it then you are simply gambling and relying on luck to go your way.

Let’s say you need to wager £50 on a slot to qualify for an offer but unfortunately, you end up £40 down – it happens. Don’t think ‘I only received 20% RTP from that slot so it owes me, I’m going to do another couple of spins to make some money back’.

Slot machines don’t have a memory, they don’t remember what amount they’ve paid out to individual players – each spin is completely independent of any other spin. Playing those couple of extra spins can quickly turn your £40 loss into a £50, £60 loss or even more, while at the same time you’ve given away all the EV you had built up from the offer in the first place.

If you fail to profit from an offer, why make it a complete waste of time and give the value you’ve gained back? Pick yourself up and move onto the next offer – that £40 loss won’t even be a blip on your long-term profit graph.

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